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save as

  1. C

    How to remove Save a Copy?

    I have a problem with File / Save as. There should be a "Save as type" what is currently in Save a Copy. I don't need Save a Copy and I want to remove it so that only have Save as with all types. How to do it?
  2. J

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    I'm trying to run a batch process in Photoshop cc 2018, The issue that i'm getting is that after I run the batch, I keep getting the "save as" dialog with every image. How can I avoid that? I have seen videos where people only specify the details for the First image only and the rest batch goes...
  3. thePixelPixie

    Entire canvas isn't exporting?

    So, I've got a weird thing happening with a file right now. Never run into this one before: I have a 6.25 x 4.25 canvas size. It's full bleed. But when I go to File/Export/Export As...the preview image appears cut off at the top and bottom - by quite a bit. Not just the bleed amount. Is there a...
  4. C

    Strange grainy effect when I save a retouched photo...Help Please

    Hi, I would really appreciate any help. I'm retouching photos and whenever I save a file.. the image looks a little strange compared to the original... it looks kind of grainy and off. In the attachments I have with this post... the left image is the edit and the right image is the original to...
  5. A

    Change Default Save Location

    Hello, I'm new here and I've been having an issue recently. Whenever I try to use the Save As command the mini window starts from the Temp folder. Every time. Most of my work ends up going to the same set of folders, but no matter how many times I repeat the process (whether on new work or old)...
  6. A

    Multi-Save shortcut exist?

    So essentially, when I'm editing a jpeg/png whatever for a website, my process usually is: 1. Save as > .psd file > Save then once it's saved 2. I'd hit Save as again, then change the file type to a .jpeg and set the quality etc. then hit Save. Is there a way of streamlining this? Or some...
  7. anonymust

    Action to strip EXIF data.

    I would like to make an action to do the following 1) Resize the image to 600x600 without losing any image quality (or dots per inch) 2) Strip all the EXIF data 3) Save the image (and also IF the image is a PNG format, convert it to JPG) How can I get this done?