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  1. J

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    I'm trying to run a batch process in Photoshop cc 2018, The issue that i'm getting is that after I run the batch, I keep getting the "save as" dialog with every image. How can I avoid that? I have seen videos where people only specify the details for the First image only and the rest batch goes...
  2. E

    How can I disable this thing?

    Hi, when i double click a text this popup comes. how can i turn it off?
  3. gautamz07

    avaoid popup when batch resizing

    Hey guys , i am running a batch action on a folder , now i have a action recorded. When i have my "override actions save as commands" unchecked (whiich is what i want) , see screenshot below : I get a save popup as below for each image that saves : now thats quite bugging , how do i...
  4. V

    Create a Novel Pop-Up Holiday Card

    Pop-up cards are normally cards that, once opened, have an element of surprise making them both memorable and fun to the reader. In this Psd tutorial, author Mark Mayers will take you step-by-step through the entire process of transforming initial concept drawings through to a fully functional...