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  1. B

    Specific I need a background removed.

    Good afternoon, everyone. I kindly request your assistance in removing the background from this image of Caravaggio's Medusa, as well as the dripping blood. If possible, please resize it to the highest resolution and in PNG format. Thank you very much in advance!!
  2. J

    Action to color multiple PNG images and output with the same name

    Hello, I'm a photoshop action newb and am looking for some help to take a bunch of PNG images, recolor them all with the same color and output them with the same name in the same folder, ideally replacing the original. I don't know where to begin with this and would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  3. B

    script to save png with different layers

    dear all, I am trying to build a script that will do the following: I have a big file which includes several group of laywers. I would like to alternatively turn on a group of layer and export a png @40% size then turn off the group and turn on the next group then export png etc... I want to do...
  4. M

    Specific Graphic Recreation

    Can someone please recreate this pixelated graphic making it more detailed and crisp with the background removed and in png format? I need it urgently. Thanks in advance, cheers!
  5. B

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #60

    I would like a custom Tune Squad logo (inspired by the movie "Space Jam") to place on a T-Shirt as a gift for my bestfriend who made the the Olympic Boxing Team. The edit should read "Olympic Squad". Pasting a reference of the original design.
  6. G

    Dirty look when I erased the background?

    I'm using Photoshop CS6. I used the background eraser tool, well... to remove the background. It's a picture of a hanging decoration and I simply removed the wall. I saved the file as a PNG and opened it on Microsoft Publisher. Now there's something like grayish "dirt" where the wall used to be...
  7. H

    Why does this look transparent?

    I'll be quick: I have a GFX pack and I want to duplicate a layer with black BG that looks transparent, but when y duplicate it it just looks with a black bg, ¿how can I copypaste it like it's seen on the pack? ¿Is this pic even PNG? Hope somebody read this soon xD. PS: It's not a mask, I´m...
  8. C

    Specific Remove white surface

    Can someone remove the white surface and make me an png out of this. So i need this picture without the white surface so i can add it into word without problems with my text. I just need the picture of the man, so his signing can be removed aswell. Thank you!
  9. M

    How to reduce png files in Photoshop

    I need help to find out how to reduce the size of my png files. I sell digital products on Etsy and the maximum size of file I can upload there is 20MB. Many of my files exceed that limit. For example, right now I have several files that are over 32MB. I have tried many of the compressor...
  10. T

    Just a quick PS

    Hello, I want to get rid of the black color on the attached jpg and convert it to transparent png. I haven't used PS for the last 10 years; any help is appreciated. Thanks,
  11. vladitan

    Help with making transparent photo

    Hello. I`m making logo but i forgot how to make it transparent. I tryed with png but it doesnt work
  12. W

    which format is better? jpeg or png

    I want to know which format would be better for a logo? png or jpeg or ...? And why? Mod Edit Link removed, please post links to websites that are in English
  13. T

    Help with PNG Images having specks in transparent background

    Hi all, I can't seem to find the answer to this. I am painting watercolors, scanning them, opening the scan in photoshop elements then editing and saving as PNG image so they will have a transparent background. I plan to start selling my work in this downloadable format soon. I thought is was...
  14. M

    Can't view PNG files in Photoshop CS6

    I have not had this problem until a couple of weeks ago but I can no longer view my PNG files in photoshop. They show up as a little square with PS in them when I look in bridge. I can open them and work with them without problem but can't see them in bridge. Is there some way for me to fix...
  15. Eggy

    3D Blender - using PNG's Alpha channel nodes

    In PS 3D I knew how to wrap a PNG around a 3D object leaving only the PNG material visible so I needed to find out how to do it in Blender. (I overdid the floor texture a bit but that wasn't my main concern...) Oops, forgot to add a link to the tutorial. This is only how to use PNG's but I...
  16. A

    How do I convert the psd. files to png?

    Hey! I have a problem. I have several hundred photos which I would like to convert from psd. to png. I have done the Action part, where: 1. I create an action 2. I open the psd. file 3. I edit the necessary (image size only) 4. I save the psd. file to png. 5. I go to automate folder -> Batch...
  17. D

    PNG sequence / film strip

    I have a PNG file which is a sequence / strip of images which should run as a animation. How can render this in photoshop and possibly then export as a GIF or another format? Content of file is something like this: Thanks
  18. P

    Tips for Creating PNG with White object on White Background

    Hello PSG, I'm trying to figure out the best way to turn this image into a PNG with a transparent background and just the shirt and its minor surrounding shadow. I tried searching through the forum to see if there was already something available to help with this but didn't have any luck. I'm...
  19. Na11

    How can I add gifs to still images?

    I'm a bit stuck. I created a border-like layer with the rectangle tool and saved it as a PNG. I opened a gif, went down to the timeline, and selected all frames, and copied them all. Now I'm trying to paste the gif layers on a png but I don't see the paste options. Help appreciated.
  20. C

    Make a PNG from a geofilter

    I'd like to be able to put this over different photos so if someone could crop and it and erase the space between the letters I would be so grateful, thanks in advance