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  1. 7

    Saving .eps as .png

    I've never really worked with eps files, so this may be a dumb question. When I first opened the eps file, it gave me dpi and image size options, then rasterized it to that size, and I was able to work with it like a normal file. When I went to save it, however, many of the format options were...
  2. G

    Using a .png as a bullet in Powerpoint

    Hi, This may be off topic, but I thought I would give it a try. I made this simple glass button to use in Powerpoint as a bullet. When I import it into Powerpoint it comes in very small (so I have to increse its size to 400%. This is fine except it is then not centered on the text. Below...
  3. R

    Please help me change a black png file to white.

    I have a logo in the form of a png file. It is text with a drop shadow and has a transparent background. This works well on a sites light background but they want to be able to use it on black backgrounds also. Can anyone tell me how to change this black logo to white and keep the subtle...
  4. Paul

    PNG Saving

    When i have made something and go to save as a PNG file it asks if i want to save as 'interlaced' or not, what is that please? Thanks.
  5. Windows7

    Why can i not save next file to norma JPEG or PNG?????

    Hey guys, It's weird BUT.. i just played around with "curves" and stuff.. and then tried to save it as an normal "JPEG" so NOT "JPEG 2000" or something.. BUT i just can't save it as a normal JPEG and when i try to save it as a "jpeg 2000" then it asks me about settings and stuff which i don't...
  6. A

    PNG sequence from Cinema 4d

    Hello. New to this forum but i like it al ready. I have exported a cinema4d animation into multiple files (.png) with transparency. Now i want to drop them in photoshop and align them all in a single composition just like in the image bellow. Please help me :cry: