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  1. G

    New Novice

    Hello my name is berte and im a novice in photoshop .i want to learn phototshop and i will be very greatfull to be help by the genius on this forum. My first task is to give round border to a png image and to make the font orange....
  2. J

    How to remove white space around an image

    Hi Guys, I am sure this is a really simple thing to do and I thought that saving the image as a PNG was the answer. I am trying to customise the folder icons in the dock on my iMac as show in the image below. However, as you can see I get white space around the edges and I thought that saving...
  3. D

    White line and not clean edge on round image on web

    I am newbie on photoshop CS6 and tried to upload picture with round frame on my web site. I saved image for web as .png and posted but showing white line with rough on edge. Tried to change matte for different option but still not showing clean edge. Can someone please help?
  4. M

    Please help with png background transparency issue

    Hi everyone! I'm a professional photographer with self taught minimal photoshop skills. I am currently making a digital scrapbook page and am having issues with quite a few of my png elements. When I add them to the page, they have the white background instead of being transparent. I know...
  5. D

    Is it possible to restore opacity in a semi transparent PNG?

    Through the channels window, I can paint on the R, G and B channels individually. That's great, but where's the Alpha channel? Photoshop only allows me to create a new opacity layer which simply subtracts from the PNG's native opacity - it can't add to it. What I need is to INCREASE opacity...
  6. D

    I want to paint on a PNG's alpha channel directly

    This seems like it should be simple, but I can't figure it out. I have a PNG with some transparency. Through the channels window, I can easily access the individual R G and B data, but I would like to directly paint on the Alpha channel. How can I do that? There are areas of this image which...
  7. K

    Png transparancy problem

    Hi, i'm having a problem with getting the same quality png out as it's shown in photoshop. The quality changes drastically after i have to export the button as a seperate image. The first "help" is the original, as it should look and the second is what photoshop saves. (found it convenient to...
  8. P

    Photoshop Custom Icons!!!

    Who can create the coolest, slickest, cleanest custom icon for photoshop? Create your own photoshop icon and post it here! Then you can use the icons for yourself on your desktop :) The winner will be the creator of the icon with most likes :) The contest is on! (I will upload my png in a...
  9. yoda007

    Need advice - two questions...PNG optimization and exporting to PDF...

    Hello All - hope you can help with some advice -two questions: 1. When saving an image for web I know there are options for jpeg optimization to make the file smaller - how does one do that for a PNG especially one that requires transparencies without making the image look compromised? Seems...
  10. T

    Affecting Gamma Levels

    Hello! I am trying to do the following tutorial. I have a mac, so the program mentioned at the bottom of the tut is not available for me. Is there anything I can do to get this preferred result? All mac programs I try to find I could only get to REMOVE the gamma of the png completely, not...
  11. T

    Quick question about transparent PNG overlays in Photoshop

    Hello, First post, recently I have run into a problem with Photoshop. I am currently working with a client trying to make graduated transparent PNG overlays. I am in charge of creating different filter overlays for a new phone application (somewhat similar to intstagram, but not.) I am able to...
  12. D

    opacity not saving all of a sudden (CS5)

    Greetings forum, I have been using photoshop for a long time now. Yesterday I tried to create a .png that originally contained two layers. Layer 1 was a fill with it's opacity set to 75% and Layer 2 was a centered image. In the past I have been able to save this as a .png and retain the opacity...
  13. psyclop

    Windows 7 and png file

    I am doing for myself logo for my mp3 in window media center, they are png with no background. the same logo can appear for different album, some look good while other look like there are some piece on black on the background. I know that windows as a hard time with png. Is there a way around it ?
  14. psyclop

    No background .png

    I took this pic and try cs5 refine edge with it, then drag the cut image of the cat with no background, on to a new canvas. and save as a png (no background) . but then I've upload it to photobucket, and put it as an avatar on a cat forum. once there the background came back. Can someone...
  15. A

    Free PNG Speaker Renders Download

    Get 'em whilst they're hot! Free PNG Speaker Renders | FlyerHeroes
  16. M

    not able to do save psd as png, bmp or any other format

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, I am having a strange problem. Here is the profile of my photoshop and my iMac. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adobe Photoshop Version: 12.0.4 (12.0.4x20110407 [20110407.r.1265 2011/04/07:02:00:00...
  17. Hoogle

    Ok what have I done PSG wont let me post png with transparant bgrounds

    Ok I have noticed this recently the pictures are png on my desktop they are still transparant in the preview mode just before you upload them but when it posts it gets a white background
  18. Vafann

    Tried to attach PNG

    hello! I need help, I tried to attach some PNGs in the "brushes" forum, and I messed it up completely, would someone maybe go over there and have a look and tell me what I did? Lol.
  19. Vafann

    3D PNG test

    I just made a couple of 3D squiggles and words and things as a test to see if I am able to share PNGs here, if it works I´ll try to make some better ones. :)
  20. H

    Exporting a graphic element with drop shadow and transparency - PNG

    I'm having real troubles exporting a button which has drop shadow applied to it. The vector shape has Gradient Overlay, Inner Shadow and Drop Shadow applied to it as layer effects. When I export it with transparency, PNG-24 and then open and place it over the same background, the drop shadow...