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How to ensure print size is the same as screen size


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I am starting an advertising business running print ads and my ads need to be a specific size when they are printed out. I know how to make the ad the size that I want on the screen but does anyone know what I would have to do to ensure that they are printed out that same size. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
It depends on how you make it the correct size on screen.

If you are doing it the correct way then there is nothing else to do....the print will be the same size.

If you are doing it the wrong way then you need to set some preferences.

You don't say 'how' you get the image correct on screen, just that you know how to.

Tell us your workflow and then we can see if you need to do anything, and if so, what.

Hi MrToM,

Thanks for the quick response. When I create a new document I set the inches that I want the document to be. Then, I set the resolution based on my screen. I figure this out by dividing my default screen resolution width (which is 1366) by my screen size (which is 16.3"), this outputs 83.8. Is this the right way of going about it?
Difficult to decipher but this is what you should be doing....and note that when it comes to digital images its the PIXELS that count.....everything else is calculated from them.

Your original document should contain enough pixels to be printed at the size you require.
You should know the resolution you wish to print at, and the size of the print, so the PIXEL dimensions should automatically be calculated for you.

Once you have your document of the sufficient PIXELS you can print it out at virtually ANY size you want...problems arise when there just aren't enough pixels to print at a specific resolution / size.

To VIEW the document AT PRINT SIZE you need to have set the RESOLUTION of your MONITOR in the PS preferences. You'll find this under PREFERENCES > UNITS and RULERS > SCREEN RESOLUTION

Once this is set, using VIEW > PRINT SIZE will DISPLAY the image On Screen at the actual size.
It goes without say that as the name suggests it will also PRINT at this size too.

You need to be reasonably accurate when setting the Screen Resolution for this to be useful.

If you need to know what size your print will be then use the IMAGE SIZE window. With regards to the current Resolution setting the physical size of the print will be displayed.



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