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  1. puraidodes

    Packaging design - Noobie question

    Could someone please explain this to me? I'm a bit confused since I'm new at this. I'm skilled in design, but I'm a beginner in print and packaging. I understand the basics of cut and die lines, bleed, safe, the gluing regions, but I'm not sure where to measure the length, width, and height...
  2. S

    Printed font effect

    Hi guys! I'm restoring my family genealogical certificate, can you please help me, how can I achieve the effect from the screen, like text is printed? What filters better to use? Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. R

    What font is this called. Struggling to find. Or similar

  4. T

    Can someone please resize this AI file to 24 inches by 36 inches

    Hi, I need to print a poster and need the exact dimensions so that it's not pixelated when I print. I need it fit to exactly 24 inches by 36 inches. Attached is the file. The 2nd file attached is what it looks like right now when I go to print it on the Staples website.
  5. A

    Actions Need help modifying a Photoshop Action

  6. R

    Birthday Present Request

    My girlfriend's 40th is coming up. She adores our dog, Digby, and so for one of her birthday treats I'd like to get her a print of a film poster for "Digby The Biggest Dog In The World", with the erstwhile Digby replaced with our much cuter dog. The best version of the movie poster I can find...
  7. CJ923

    Has anyone come across a file type "69F24B59 File"?

    Howdy - a customer came into my shop, an Asian lady, very little English, and wanted us to print some photos she had on her phone. She sent them in the body of an email to us, and while I was able to see the images in her email and download them, we could not open the files in any program other...
  8. C

    Hello! Please help me with this pic

    Could you please remove the hand on my grandma's shoulder, and the body at the left of the tree? I'd like to print the photo to give it to my dad on Father's Day. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. A

    How do I make patent prints for my maan cave?

    I have seen online where people are taking old patent prints and turning them into art. I would like to do this for my man cave but I am not sure exactly how to go about doing it. I want something that looks high quality with sharp distinct lines. I also want the background to look like antique...
  10. CJ923

    Greetings from New England!

    Howdy all! I'm a self-taught Photoshopper that's been using it for about 20 (yikes!) years now, going from 'making funny pictures' to designing CD covers for not-quite-official music-based products to 'Print Manager of workplace that offers print products...' I was a graphic design major in...
  11. W

    photoshop printing size

    hi, i have used photoshop for quite a while and always had trouble with printing sizes but just put up with it, i am now at the point where i need something printed precisely as i have made them on photoshop. however when i print the image or images the sizes are never the same as what they...
  12. W

    new member

    hi everyone, i am new on here, i use photoshop a bit but not loads, dont use it for photos really just for printing designs and being a bit creative touching old things up etc. i am having a print issue and will discuss it in another thread looks like a great forum :)
  13. P

    My dogs pawprint

    Hello! I would like a copy of my dogs paw print however he hates having his paws handled so the best I could get is a photo, if you could get me a copy of his paw print it would be greatly appreciated. I would like the outcome to look like the attached paw print pictures (print1, print2)but...
  14. U

    How to ensure print size is the same as screen size

    I am starting an advertising business running print ads and my ads need to be a specific size when they are printed out. I know how to make the ad the size that I want on the screen but does anyone know what I would have to do to ensure that they are printed out that same size. Any help would...
  15. C

    Making file print ready from Photoshop elements 10 or PS 7

    Morning and thank you!! I know I am driving a dinosaur but it is all I have access to at the present moment, please forgive me *lol* I am making wedding invitations and I am wanting to learn how to make a print ready pdf. (Hope that makes sense). Here are my two needs... I have made a...
  16. C

    Artwork prep for T-shirt Printing

    Hi Guys, I have a logo I want to print on a T-shirt. The artwork is really rough in terms of the colour uniformity and outer lines. Also, the face needs shifting over to the right a little! LOL! I've tried posterizing for the colours but it comes out looking really weird. Is the size OK, do you...
  17. E

    How to make a pattern solid without losing details and texture?

    Hello everybody. I have tried everything and looked everywhere for an answer, but still no help to find. Therefore I'm now turning to you guys. I'm working on changing the colors of certain fahion styles, and I've run into a problem. I have this jacket with a camuflage print, but I need to...
  18. S

    Illustrator Printing in the bottom left in Illustrator

    I'm using a machine that prints onto a roll of vinyl, and what we usually do here is print in the bottom left corner (in Corel Draw) via the print settings. Is it possible to define "bottom left corner" as the "print from" area in Illustrator, as it is in Corel Draw? I bloody hate Corel Draw...
  19. R

    Can you turn a motorcross into a reindeer?

    Hi everyone - Christmas greetings from the UK. Next week is our annual get together and in my secret Santa I have chosen a friend who loves moto cross. I'd like to change a photo that I can print off. I have a picture of him on his motorbike but would like to see that changed to him riding a...
  20. I

    Cigarette removed

    Hey! Could anyone remove the cigarette from this photo? Using it for a print off and would like it gone if at all possible. Thank you!