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Greetings from New England!


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Howdy all! I'm a self-taught Photoshopper that's been using it for about 20 (yikes!) years now, going from 'making funny pictures' to designing CD covers for not-quite-official music-based products to 'Print Manager of workplace that offers print products...' I was a graphic design major in college back in the time of pencils and sketchbooks but ran out of cash, was lucky enough to be able to use the computers at various jobs after hours to 'play.' By default I would find myself being the 'make a nice sign' person (as well as IT jedi, which I'm nowhere near qualified for except that I used a computer when NOT at work...

Signed up here as the tools and techniques I use are what "I'm used to using." I know there are better ways to do most of what I do and am looking forward to picking up new tips and techniques, and the occasional solution to a problem. And maybe helping someone else out if there's anyone here I could possibly know a little more than (doubtful.)

Thanks for having me!
Hello CJ and welcome to PSG.