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  1. D

    S'up?! New here, not new to photoshop!

    Hi guys, names Dylan. I used to have a very strong passion for photoshop and learning new techniques a few years back in my younger years, now I have my own house, a partner, steady job, I want to revisit that passion! I havent got a huge amount of previous work, but I primarily spent time on...
  2. N

    Panorama problems

    I tried to make a panorama of a beach, but because the water is moving and there werent any strong landmarks to match photoshop can't stick the middle. Is there any easy techniques to get around this?
  3. sabrefoot

    Hello Photoshop Gurus!

    Hi, My name is Sabrefoot and I'm here to learn about photoshop techniques. I look forward to participating in the forum. :-)
  4. S

    Help imitating another artist

    Hey guys I'm a new member here. I'm an amateur who messes around in photoshop for fun and I came across this style which I really like and would like to emulate but I'm just not sure how to go about it. Was hoping that maybe some of you guys might have some insight as to the techniques being...
  5. CJ923

    Greetings from New England!

    Howdy all! I'm a self-taught Photoshopper that's been using it for about 20 (yikes!) years now, going from 'making funny pictures' to designing CD covers for not-quite-official music-based products to 'Print Manager of workplace that offers print products...' I was a graphic design major in...
  6. D

    Good Morning!

    Hi, I'm a Newbie to this Forum and although not entirely New to Photoshop I understand only the basics of such a powerful and amazing program. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for myself as well as (more importantly) doing some contract work (hoping to become permanent work one day) for a fantastic...
  7. D

    Hi guys!

    My name is Davee. I have been using Photoshop for many years. I am continually learning new skills and new techniques. There are so many posts to go through. lol
  8. G

    Hello Everyone.

    Hi All, I am a pro photographer and part-time student (old!) and am an experienced Photoshop retoucher and image manipulator in Nottingham, UK. I am looking forward to helping others on here as well as learning new techniques and pushing my creative boundaries within Photoshop and photography.
  9. A

    What procedure or techniques used ?

    Hello , I am new here, I tried in ps yet i can't find the clear techniques or methods used in the below attached pictures. Please check and provide me any suggestions.
  10. S

    Looking for Photoshop tool/technique to clear haze

    Greetings, I'm working on an old piece of mine, and noticed I left it with a strip of haze stretching across the image from left-right, near the subject's thighs/waist: It's slight but noticeable, and I want it gone. I'm using Photoshop CC 2014. Tried Camera Raw Filter with the Adjustment...
  11. G

    3D Lowpoly Scenario

    Hello everyone, This is a series of tutorials i'm creating, about a scenario I made for a game. I'm using the scenario to explain some basic and intermediate concepts and techniques about the settings of a lowpoly scenario. Hope you enjoy, thanks!
  12. A

    Photoshop business pictures (Amazon/Ebay)

    work finished! close thread.
  13. P

    Newbie Here

    Hi All, I am kind of newbie here. I used photoshop in the past but I stopped using it because my last day job didn't require it. I now own my own business and I need to use it create banners. Unfortunately, I don't remember most of the photoshop techniques so hopefully people in this forum can...
  14. T

    Effects or techniques for these faces

    So, I am working on a pic I plan to probably use as a CS:GO avatar or just for what ever...anyway this is what I have so far. I am at a loss on (have tried a bunch of plug-ins and filters to no avail) any advice or ideas on the face and maybe background? Really hoping for some help with the...
  15. R

    hello friends

    Hey there, I work as a fulltime retoucher, went to school for photography, and have been using photoshop since ver 4. I've got a lot of knowledge and thoughts on techniques and tricks that I'd love to share, and I've got a few questions of my own! :cheesygrin: I got bored over a /r/photoshop...
  16. C

    Can someone help me identify the effect within this graphic/gif?

    GIF/Video - I really like the effects within this gif/video and was wondering what the techniques used are called. Does the effect have a name? I like the grainy darkness of it and the fact it kinda tilts. Any help, advice or tutorials are appreciated...
  17. Z

    3D Nova (WIP)

    Hey guys this is my latest WIP, I started it abut 3 hours ago I wanted to spread out into the realm of high poly modelling with no intent to optimize and put into a game for once, so i could really go to work on it, and I thought a small character project would be a good place to start. I...
  18. mocjack


    Hey there! My name is Jack and I am from Fiji. I am a genealogist and I recently started restoring "old" and damaged photographs for some of my clients. I am here to learn new techniques and "tips and tricks" to further my journey down this path. I hope to get to know you all well! Thank you!
  19. R

    Hi all

    New member here. Saying a hi to the community. Been using photoshop for quiet a while. Unfortunally not a pro at it at all. Reason why im here. Love to learn new techniques in PS. Oh..., before photoshop I was a pro with Ms Paint in Windows 95! hehe :)
  20. Brian Soto

    Bad Retouching Techniques (Examples Included)

    This won't be news to a lot of you, but it may be eye opening for some. Sometimes to get a better idea of what direction to go in, it helps to know what not to do. I thought I'd take a minute to celebrate (lament) the garish eyesores that some "experts" recommend others produce when retouching...