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  1. L

    How do I even begin to do this?

    What techniques do I need to learn to be able to accomplish something like this graphic?
  2. R

    Hello all!

    Today is day #1. I hope to be a regular on this forum and learn from others as well as contribute to helping others learn. I've been tinkering with photoshop for a few years now and over the last year taking it as well as my photography much more serious. I stay up many nights tossing and...
  3. B

    [Request} Interesting techniques

    I was wondering if any of you could explain some of the techniques and affects used in this photo. For example, the coaches face. I saw this photo and really love the vintage look and wanted to know how to recreate it. Thank You.
  4. R

    Website designer & Social Media Marketing Expert here to tool up Photoshop abilities!

    Hello everyone! My name is Randall Parker Jr. (RJ for short) and I am an internet marketing specialist who founded a small agency back in 2012, called Future Media Management. We're a growing ensemble but we always aim to bring the most to each and every client. Even though I'm the founder, I'm...
  5. S

    Beauty and Retouching Techniques

    Beauty and retouching techniques step by step instructions
  6. V

    Create an Abstract Composition Using Vexel Techniques

    In this Psd tutorial, author Constantin Potorac will demonstrate how to create a colorful abstract vexel composition using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. If you are looking to take your illustration skills to the next level then. View now Tutorials Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4+...
  7. P

    Techniques and tutorials required -

    Please can anyone provide me with good video or instruction tutorials to acheive the following style of effects - Cross processing effect Gritty effect - to be used in band publicity and white and colour options if talking about the effect which has drained...
  8. Hoogle

    2nd part of framing techniques borders,frames and 3d effect

    here is the 2nd instalment of my framing tips