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S'up?! New here, not new to photoshop!

Dylan McAndrew

New Member
Hi guys, names Dylan.

I used to have a very strong passion for photoshop and learning new techniques a few years back in my younger years, now I have my own house, a partner, steady job, I want to revisit that passion!

I havent got a huge amount of previous work, but I primarily spent time on PS Forums such as this and created signatures, wallpapers, random art.

Examples of what I used to do (apologies about the size!)

Hoping to learn some great new techniques and hopefully make this hobby into a job in the future :)
Hi Dylan and welcome to PSG

Nice work, but as you said the images are a bit to small, having said that they look great :thumbsup:
I like this...but as gedstar stated I would love to see the big sizes to enjoy the details.
Hi Dylan, welcome to PSG.

Cool looking work. Has a nice fantasy style to it.

Post more if you have it.