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  1. A

    Specific Change the outfit

    Can someone please change the outfit in this pic to Formal white shirt, tie and suit outfit and make the lips a bit more darker(just a tiny bit). :p
  2. B

    Template for creating book cover

    Hello! Does anyone knows where to get templates (cover size, side size and the back) for making book covers? For real book in this case since they have the back of the book and the side of it too. Or usually the author gives you this information in cm?
  3. B

    How to work with album and book covers?

    Hello! I hope someone can help me. I have deeply questions about working with photo manipulations as the creation of album and book covers: How does buying images work? They seem pretty expensive on the stock websites, or should my price be very (over)expensive, but even if it was, I would...
  4. D

    S'up?! New here, not new to photoshop!

    Hi guys, names Dylan. I used to have a very strong passion for photoshop and learning new techniques a few years back in my younger years, now I have my own house, a partner, steady job, I want to revisit that passion! I havent got a huge amount of previous work, but I primarily spent time on...
  5. M

    small edit needed

    hi guys all good,managed myself thanks guys
  6. chrisdesign

    3D Visit from Mars

    This is a Blender composite, easy to create with a background image, (Foggy night over Swiss mountains) and a sphere with texture material applied. This is the material I used. to get this result. It is just a fantasy job, yet I hope that it will be inspiring for some of you. There is...
  7. E

    Please can someone photoshop my engagement picture

    Please can someone remove the deck chairs from my engagement picture? My lovely boyfriend did an amazing job proposing but I would just love a version with out them there if anyone could help please!
  8. I

    Another day, another dollar ... Hallo everybody

    I was looking for forum like this so I can help with your requests, you can request any ps job and i'll do my best to help you.
  9. E

    Photoshop request

    Hello all. Im trying to put this picture on a coffee mug. But I only want Ben Wyatt, the man on the left to be on a plain white background. Nothing else. This should be a quick job for anyone that knows what they're doing. Thank you
  10. P

    Help with my picture for a job application

    Hi Guys I'm new here! I read about the good work you do and was hoping you could help me as well. Attached is a photo of me - I was wondering if you could straighten the image a bit and remove the door from the background. I need this photo for a job interview and instead of using a plain...
  11. T

    Photoshop Request Cartoon Avatar 25$

    Yo wassup i'm new. I joined this site because i'm looking for a really good graphic designer. I'm looking for someone to create a cartoon avatar for my YT channel. Easy money for ye. If ye do a good job and i love it i may ask you to help me with a channel art. Easy money for anyone thats doing...
  12. S

    What do you do for work?

    I'm presuming most people are in design of some type, but not necessarily! I work for a company that manufacture and sell charity collection devices (like the posts on a shop counter for example) and we also offer other merchandise suitable for charities. My job is designing the artwork for...
  13. agentmoeller


    Just a portion from a recent commission job for a coworker. Done completely in Ps.
  14. P

    Add Smile to my Dog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would be able to add a human-like smile to my dog? A year or two ago I had a similar request, and this was the awesome job that someone did for me (for reference). Thank you in advance!
  15. H

    Need help with face swap

    hey everyone, anyone able to help me with a face swap for 2 pics? would be very appreciate if someone can help me out with this simple job. Thanks! request: swapping the B face to the A face. I just want the one with pink. And please edit the body skin colour as I notice it is not matching...
  16. Matt8444

    Quick 2 min job

    Hi, Would someone mind rotating the shoe/trainer slightly clockwise just so that its horizontal please rather than sloping downwards. thank you
  17. chrisdesign

    3D I-CUBE My Personal Little Helper

    Again a BLENDER job, where I learned to do proper insets, splits and cuts without damaging the mesh. On my last job I didn't care so much about a clean mesh, which resulted in a file with 220 mb. The file weight of the present job is only 5.2 mb. I'm open for critique, and your comments are...
  18. IamSam

    Colorize Me! Photo 1

    I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now, but have just fallen behind. My day job is keeping me very busy lately. Since the subject has been brought up by revnart, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get it started. Anyway, this is for everyone to participate in...
  19. P

    Small job

    Sorry I only have $10 but should be quick job. Is it possible to do something with the background and the tear stain around her eye?
  20. M

    MrMel Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to join you in this forum. Lately, I have started using photoshop as professional at my job in urban design so I think joining this forum will be very helpful to improve my skills and to share advices.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: