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Photoshop Request Cartoon Avatar 25$

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Yo wassup i'm new. I joined this site because i'm looking for a really good graphic designer. I'm looking for someone to create a cartoon avatar for my YT channel. Easy money for ye. If ye do a good job and i love it i may ask you to help me with a channel art. Easy money for anyone thats doing nothing all day playing around in photoshop when you could be making me something and me handing you 50$
The more skilled you are the easier this job is. Easy 50$ for you. An example of what i want. Go to youtube and look up the channel (Reko) you will see a cartoon avatar with a red backround. Thats all i want. Simple. Much quicker. Easy money. 25$ for the profile picture. After that if i'm happy i'll throw in another job to do a channel art - 30$ for that.
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