1. G

    Request: need help in resizing a picture.

    Hello greetings everyone. I had created a logo for a youtube channel using those free logo websites however it's in really low quality. I'm wondering if the picture can be resize into 800x800 for the logo and 2560x1440 for the channel cover. Below is the image Really appreciate the help...
  2. T

    Photoshop Request Cartoon Avatar 25$

    Yo wassup i'm new. I joined this site because i'm looking for a really good graphic designer. I'm looking for someone to create a cartoon avatar for my YT channel. Easy money for ye. If ye do a good job and i love it i may ask you to help me with a channel art. Easy money for anyone thats doing...
  3. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How to draw a Taiji symbol in Adobe Illustrator

    Tell me what you guys think!
  4. S

    New logo for a fitnass youtube channel / page

    Hey what's up everyone ! I am new here & I was wondering if someone could help creating a logo for my fitness channel I really need it to start posting my videos ! The logo has to include : Goku or Vegeta + something related to fitness (abs + man flexing , goku flexing .. + SAIYAN BEAST = name...
  5. agentmoeller

    Space ship....

    ...inspired by a ghost shark I saw on the National Geographic Channel.
  6. I

    Banner Request for new gaming channel

    Hi, I'm Icy-X, and I have a new channel called Icy-X Gaming on YouTube. I'm looking for someone to make a banner for me if they wouldn't mind. I don't have any real specifications.
  7. P

    Remove sky but leave out-of-focus powerlines

    Hello to All I'm trying to remove the sky from an image & it's going fine except for the powerlines. The towers are easy but the powerlines are just too whispy for the limited masking techniques I know. I've never tried the channel method & I'm not sure even it would work here as the lines are...
  8. T

    Is the channel mixer useful?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. Bit of a silly question but is the channel mixer used a lot by Photoshop users. Is it a useful tool? Im just going through the A-Z of Photoshop filters/adjustment layers etc to make sure im accustomed with everything. Im just finding it hard to...
  9. B

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer in windows environment ?? :banghead:
  10. R

    Need Help Making Selection

    I’m trying to practice difficult selections. I viewed several tutorials that IamSam posted a week ago on this subject, but I’m not happy with my final result. Need some advice on what my next step should be. Using the Path tool and a Calculation adjustment on the red channel, I created the...
  11. pslane

    Remove/undo Channel Mixer?

    I was starting a tut and had to open an image provided. When it opened, it was a channel mix image (if that's what you call it). 4 layers RGB, Red, Green, Blue. How do I get this image back to one RGB layer? Can I? Never had this happen before. I can send more info if needed. Thanks pslan
  12. M

    After Effects Adobe After Effects Tutorial

    Hi guys! I would like to invite you to check my After Effects tutorial on YouTube : I would like to hear your review about my tutorials! Enjoy :)
  13. N

    Copying layer masks into colour channels? Also is this a bug?

    Hi all! We're using photoshop to prepare assets for a game engine, and i'm trying to find a good workflow, which i can then teach to my artist. At this point, i have an image with five layers. 12345 Layers 2-5 each have a layer mask on them. Now what i want to do is, copy the layer mask of...
  14. R

    can anyone design this wallpaper for me,,

    Hi Guys I have a youtube channel and I would like to have a wallpaper for it. Can anyone help me with it please, I am not good at designing. My channel is gaming channel. So i would like you to design a wallpaper which related to gaming exactly Fifa 15 and it have my channel name which is...
  15. M

    Need help with logo

    Hi Guys, I need help with a Logo and possibly a banner. Im making a YouTube channel and i'll be posting gaming videos. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with youtube banners/logos and if they could give me an idea of what i could use The channel name is the same as my username...
  16. K

    Can you help me??

    Hello everyone. I have a YouTube channel and am in need of some help. i need a banner and logo made and was wondering if anyone can make one for me. My Channel is called SnapbackFitness. Can anyone Please help me i would be very grateful. here is the link to my channel...
  17. F

    Colour alterations thru deleting channels

    Hi, I am very fond of Colour alterations on a photo through manipulating RGB or CMYK channels. I recently stumbled upon a method that gave a rather very interesting colour effect I think. I deleted the blue channel out of my RGB image, that left me with cyan and magenta channels. However the...
  18. A

    Rate Youtube graphics for my channel.

    Rate each graphic /10 please. channel art : avatar : (sorry, it is scaled down when uploaded to the channel) anything i can do to improve them? Thanks ;)
  19. S

    channel selection size changes when I select and apply layer mask

    I'll try and explain so this makes sense! I am making selections of models off of a white background. I use the quick select tool and refine to make a clean selection. I go in and use the clone tool to remove the "halo" that is still there to make a super clean selection with no light bleed...
  20. fxchannelhouse


    Hello everyone, i have sorted a few of my latest backgrounds that i have made for some channels at youtube. Hope you guys like it. Dont forget to subscribe for more designs and videos. THANKS FOR WATCHING. Best...