1. D

    Is it possible to restore opacity in a semi transparent PNG?

    Through the channels window, I can paint on the R, G and B channels individually. That's great, but where's the Alpha channel? Photoshop only allows me to create a new opacity layer which simply subtracts from the PNG's native opacity - it can't add to it. What I need is to INCREASE opacity...
  2. D

    I want to paint on a PNG's alpha channel directly

    This seems like it should be simple, but I can't figure it out. I have a PNG with some transparency. Through the channels window, I can easily access the individual R G and B data, but I would like to directly paint on the Alpha channel. How can I do that? There are areas of this image which...
  3. P

    Actions Making an action that ends displaying a channel mask in B/W mode?

    Hi guys! I've searched all over and can't find a way to do this. I've made an action that makes a channel mask for a curves layer, and the final item in the action is "Select mask channel" with the setting "Without Make Visible"... How do I have it make it visible instead?
  4. Z

    My Youtube Channel (WIP)

    Zeealexable's Channel - YouTube i'll be adding stuff onto it later on and adding a background, keep an eye on the channel and subscribe if you dare :twisted:
  5. I

    'Channels' help, please

    I am trying to colour a black and white movie on Photoshop using a Kinemacolor process, if you don't know what Kinemacolor is, read the Wikipedia article. When I try to keep the channel on 'Red' or 'Green', it just disaperes and goes back to normal toned. Also, does anyone here know of a good...
  6. Burned Ice

    Youtube channel graphic edit tut?

    i'd like to 'pimp' my youtube page to make it more attractive (like hoogle's :D) can someone post a link to nice tutorials?
  7. B

    PS CS5 - Advanced Channel Masking Technique [1080p]

    Hello guys! First post on this forum! Why not let it be an epic one :D Be sure to comment on the youtube video and or like if it was helpful! :naughty: Image used in video: Please be sure to leave some feedback as it is quite hard to get them :neutral:
  8. R

    channel problem while saving as a jpeg in cs5...

    hello, everytime i try and save my psd file as a jpeg my 'black copy' channel turns its visible status to not visible which reveals some of my marquee tool work. it looks bad, unlike when the channel is on. any ideas how to fix this and save as a jpeg successfully? thanks!
  9. I

    inverting a channel over a gradient

    Helllo, i have a kinda strange problem, i have made a normal map for a model to be used in an animation but it has baked incorrectly for some reason. I have figured out that the red channel has been partially inverted, now what i mean by that is that from left to right as if over a gradient the...