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  1. P

    Specific Add Face from One Pic to Another

    Hello Again, I was here almost a year ago and was thankful for all the help with this cheetah photo! You guys were able to remove and clean up the messy background (tall grass, rocks, etc.), however, I wish I was smiling! Is there anyone who can make a quick photoshop? Moving the face of...
  2. A

    Specific Cut image and insert cigarette

    Hello guys, could someone please cut the imagem more or less like the red square and also insert a cigarette in Sanji's mouth to make it look cool?

    Specific Quick and Easy - Oni Mask Edit

    First Request on this! I am looking to have the picture i've uploaded (Oni Mask) editted in order to resemble my current mask graphic (Phantom of opera style). The things i need done are just to give it a comic book style look rather than looking like a photo and to have the right side (Happy...
  4. M

    Paid Headshot

    Please remove the baby from the picture, but don’t make the area blurry! Please and thank you, will pay 5 bucks via PayPal
  5. E

    Specific Quick Fix: If someone could remove the people in the background

    Can someone remove the people in the background and also get rid of the tiny hairs coming out of my head at the top? Thank you so much :)
  6. E

    Specific Easy Fix-Arm

    Could someone please make the arm that's in the air just be down like the other arm. I think it looks awkward but I don't know how to fix that. Thank you.
  7. E

    Specific Easy Fix

    Can someone get rid of my red eyes, and also get rid of the flash of light located in the bottom left corner? Thank you so much!!!! :)
  8. M

    Specific Bigger lips

    Can you please make this child’s lips bigger ? Especially the top! Thanks I’m advance 🙏
  9. M

    Specific Easy background coloring

    Hello 👋 i would like to colour the blackground of this memoji shot, but struggle to. I will attach an example of how I want it to be. Thanks so much in advance ❤
  10. E

    Specific Remove people in background

    Could somebody plz remove all of the people in the background so that it looks as if the person is benching alone?? Thanks.
  11. C

    Specific Easy Photo Edit

    Hi Guys, First thanks that you guys offer this service! Could you do a handwriting on that paper that looks real and say the following: #5172561 koshka_18 16.10.2018 Thanks a lot! Mod edit: please upload the picture in the thread and do not link!
  12. D

    Specific skater

    Can anyone put this photo of mine jumping in somewere higher so it looks better? Than I can say that I can skate! thankkkkkkssss
  13. S

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone, glad to be here :) I'm an industrial/3D designer, turned to graphics due to lack of 3D/industrial design jobs in my area (just being honest :)). So I'm working as a graphic designer and most of my tasks are easy and straightforward- mock-ups, colour changing, easy print and...
  14. gedstar

    Macro 17

    OK last one from me today, this might be easy :cheesygrin:
  15. I

    Remove someone from a picture ?

    Hi guys, Just being curious but can any one try to remove the girl on the front of the picture ? Or maybe just the head so I can crop better the picture ? I know It's not going to be easy because of the low resolution or maybe even impossible... Anyway let me know :)
  16. A

    Gues the macro 12

    My first macro post, to be fair i took the picture from an old poster that's why it's looking this way, but i think it's and easy one. Cheers!
  17. Eggy

    3D Blender 3D Typography - JR

    I saw this on the net and I thought 'I can do that.' That wasn't so easy to grasp the concept :shocked:
  18. P

    Question for an easy way to make Tiles with pattern

    Hi all, i am about to buy a new kitchen and wanted to make a special kitchen backsplash. Now cause i am not finding this particular picture on the internet i was wondering if there was some easy way of creating it myself.. I think it only consists of tiles with a abstract pattern on them and a...
  19. T

    Photoshop Request Cartoon Avatar 25$

    Yo wassup i'm new. I joined this site because i'm looking for a really good graphic designer. I'm looking for someone to create a cartoon avatar for my YT channel. Easy money for ye. If ye do a good job and i love it i may ask you to help me with a channel art. Easy money for anyone thats doing...
  20. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Draw An Easy Light Bulb In Adobe Illustrator

    Learn How To Draw An Easy Light Bulb In Adobe Illustrator with this very quick, easy and simple tutorial. This tutorial is made so simple that even a beginner can follow along this step by step guide. V