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  1. P

    Quick and easy photoshop job!!

    I got a quick an easy photo shop job for a qualified person. I need 5 images placed on a background of a certain size. It is extremely easy. I need done ASAP!! If interested please message me!
  2. Hoogle

    easy simple text extraction from an image

    follow this link to learn how to delete backgrounds from text
  3. Hoogle

    how to create an easy vignette

    this method shows you how to make a preset brush this is just a quick tutorial to create a vignette in less than 10 seconds
  4. TheBlueAsset

    How to change the color of an object

    Here's a really basic tutorial i made its about changing the color of an object -Link Here- I hope you guys like it. :cheesygrin:
  5. E

    Need help with easy tutorial

    Can someone please help me with this tutorial? It looks pretty easy (just a button) but I cant seem to get it. Can someone please try to tackle it for me and post or send me the psd? I can send $5 via paypal. :D Tonight would be awesome!
  6. X

    Need a quick easy edit, paying $5

    Just need someone to cut out a persons face on a picture, not cropping anything but the person, and pasting it infront of a picture of the american flag, so that the person would look a bit like a president :P file size goes over site limit, so post if your interested and ill email you the...