easy simple text extraction from an image

If I was you I would speed the video up when you don't say anything to avoid boringness. pretty nice tutorial btw, now i know what the 'eraser tool' exactly does, thats way easier than making selections and 'delete'
Good tutorial for starters.

It doesn't guarantee (sorry) best result but for quicky thats good!

Maybe it would usefull for beginners to show what to do if background isn't so flat and white (they can get confused by that).
Like some color adjustments at begining to make background almost white and then all that ereaser stuff?
the idea of these quick tutorials are basic methods maybe I should make it clearer still in early days yet and yes I agree normally I would edit the videos better but this was an on demand request so couldnt sit there and edit it I will focus more on real tutorials now though I had to replace my hard drive this evening due to sector errors so not had much chance to do anything (luckily I keep a disk image of my computer so only took an hour to get it all back to normal)
I actually find it easier to make a video than explaining it. And it is also a lot easier to learn visually than it is to read etc