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  1. S

    Text Alignment

    How do i get my text on the (Right) image to line up the same as the image on the (Left) Image?
  2. B

    Changing the inside/outside of a texts font color

    I have a font I'm using for a logo and would like to change the inside and outside border colors, however when changing the color, the entire font is changed. I would like to make the inside black and the outside shadow red. How could I accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. F

    Specific Creating a big decorated text

    Cannot create a BOLD BIG text, I know that it’s possible there without changing the size, but I don’t know the method, may be someone can advise.
  4. R

    Cropping and adding a border along with text to a photo

    Hello Everyone, I am new and I have two questions- how do you crop this surfer photo to match the size of a postcard that is three and a half inches high and five inches long? how to add a shaded border along with text to a photo? Border like this
  5. F

    how do I make text like Megadeth's logo?

    How do make text like or very similar to this?
  6. alborghetti

    How to create this text effect?

    How to make this type of text with solid white outline and transparent interior? Like this:
  7. arc.angle_radius

    How to create this text effect?

    How to create this text color contrast change effect as it overshadows or crosses the boundary of another object? Let the picture do the talking. Focus on the region of interest as bounded by the red rectangle. How do I achieve this without doing the toilsome and inefficient way? And for the...
  8. Sherb

    Partial Text Bending

    Hey all, Not sure if this has been answered but I can't seem to find anything on it anywhere. I'm looking to bend the lower or upper half of my text around a circle...exactly as shown in the attached image. Warp bends the whole thing. Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated...
  9. dustinwronka

    Paid Trying to make text look realistic - apart of the marquee sign

    I have attached two different pictures. The one with the red sign is photoshop with text. Looking closely, it seems as though the writing is burned on the paper and is apart of the poster. The second photo is a marquee sign I took a picture of. Attached is also the project I'm working on...
  10. Kerleyemma

    How to make 3D Circular Text Stand Upright

    Hi everyone! I know how to create 3D text, make my text circular, etc, but how do I turn the text so that it’s standing up right?
  11. A

    Specific Best way to enhance black/white text + line notation?

    I'm looking to create a detailed outline similar to what might be used in textbooks. I have PDFs of the images I'd like but it requires enhancing the black/white to be more clear. I believe this is to be done within InDesign, but I imported the PDF image first into Photoshop to make the...
  12. K

    Text Box from Custom Shape w/ Holes

    Hi So I am trying to create a custom text box from a Shape with holes in it as shown below, but when I insert text it doesn't conform to the shape, but acts as if there aren't any holes. The Shape is white and the background is black. Here I have created the Shape: I then choose the Type...
  13. D

    Specific Change/Add Text Into Photo

    Im asking for a big favour, my friend lost his brother who was a massive liverpool fan, I'm wanting to add his name to the stand instead of the 96. i want the image to look like the fans in the stand are holding up this display. I'm hoping to get this printed on A3 paper so i need the highest...
  14. G

    Need help making text stand out

    Hello! I'm making an image to print and hang in my house. My project is only composed of the image plus the texts on top. I need help finding an elegant solution to make the text stand out from the background image. I've tried the usual things like drop shadow, strokes etc.. but nothing really...
  15. M

    Typing over existing text skips first character

    Same as the InDesign bug: When I have some existing type and I select the type and change it to something else, the first character is skipped or does not show. Has anyone else experienced this issue and can anyone suggest a fix? The fix for InDesign involved changing a preference in "Advanced...
  16. P

    Flaming Text (Needs Improvement but okayish)

    This actually has some personal significance for me, as I remember I created this as a challenge. I was a complete newbie when I made this and accepting this challenge really groomed my skills!
  17. S

    Around text problem

    Hello guys! I created a picture in Photoshop. Within the program, I no have problem with pictures, but when I uploaded on facebook, around the text there are pixlels. I dont know what is the problem. I have attached two pictures. I hope can you help me.
  18. TripleYoThreat

    Layer Alignment with Text Box Rather Than Text

    Hi, I'm not new to Photoshop, but I never addressed a concern I've had. It always bothered me that alignments were done to the edge of a text layer's box, and there was no option to set the box to "hug" the text or occupy it entirely. This way, when I align with another layer, I would be getting...
  19. M

    After Effects 3D text with double bevel

    Hi everyone, I am new to after effects so forgive me. I am trying to create a 3D text exactly as seen in the x factor UK this year. I have got close, raytraced 3D with a bevel, however what i want to produce is a little different. On the attached link example there seems to be a double bevel...
  20. D

    Text removal request

    Hoping someone is willing and able to remove all text and barcode from the attached image and to repost at original resolution. Thanks very much!