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Specific Best way to enhance black/white text + line notation?


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I'm looking to create a detailed outline similar to what might be used in textbooks. I have PDFs of the images I'd like but it requires enhancing the black/white to be more clear. I believe this is to be done within InDesign, but I imported the PDF image first into Photoshop to make the enhancements. I'm not sure Photoshop is where this is best done; I have Acrobat as well but didn't find anything to sharpen image quality. Is there any way to create vector images from text?

I greatly appreciate the time and help. Cheers!

Sugar and Terpenes Lecture v1-1.png

Sugar and Terpenes Lecture v1-2.png
It's not quite clear the requirements of the end result. Is is something that needs to be just readable for your own use (its pretty close already) or does it need to be prepped for a professional publication or actual textbook.

Adobe Acrobat can ACR the text portions (e.g the first image) quite will and that can be saved to a number of formats that is text based and will be as crisp as any textbook. I already tried this on your first image and it works great.
For the second image, that is a bit more involved so it depends on what the final use to the document will be for. Is all of this for you own notes? a professional journal/thesis? Does the text need to be editable?

It would help to have more specifics on your requirements so Forum members can better target their recommendations.
Just a suggestion
John Wheeler