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black & white

  1. P

    Very difficult cut out

    Hello there, I'd like to do the least destructive cut out possible for the following picture (black and white, low quality and low contrast). And here is the result in words. How would you do it to get a smooth, clean and sharp result? I'm more interested in the process (step by step)...
  2. O

    Photoshop for map editing

    Hello everyone! I am a title abstractor for a small oil and gas company. I am also the go to person for maps inside of our organization. We keep and use a lot of old maps and the set that we use the most is in rough shape. The unfortunate thing is that we also track our files on this...
  3. Cosworth69

    Specific Help making black and white pattern

    Hi, Could someone please the metal pattern in the photo into a "flat" black and white version. :) This is the pattern in the metal: I need it to look this this. Totally flat just the pattern in black and white. I'd really appriciate the help if somone could do this Many thanks,
  4. H

    How can I make this effect in Photoshop?

    Hey! I want to make this effect (see attachment) only a little bit lighter. How can I do that? Blackwhite? Greyscale? The picture is by me. The human there has a spotlight on him (darken bg, lighten him). I found that look and liked it while masking out in color range in greyscale mode. Also I...
  5. A

    Specific Best way to enhance black/white text + line notation?

    I'm looking to create a detailed outline similar to what might be used in textbooks. I have PDFs of the images I'd like but it requires enhancing the black/white to be more clear. I believe this is to be done within InDesign, but I imported the PDF image first into Photoshop to make the...
  6. L

    Restoration Lighten photo and remove spots

    I would like for it to be lightened up so its easier to see my mom and the little spots to be removed. Thank you for any time you invest to this for me!!
  7. V

    How to make pictures look like this?

    I want to make pictures look like this. Does anyone know how I can make pictures look like this?
  8. P

    Specific Can someone change the color of these

    For all three of these can somebody change the white dress and veil to black please?
  9. KamiYama

    Specific Color change request

    Can someone please change the hair in the following pictures to white
  10. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change these to black

    Can someone change the color of this dress to black but leave the veil white And this one can someone change the dress to black but leave the umbrella white please
  11. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change color

    Can someone change the color of the coat and hat to black please, I would the boots to be left white of possible
  12. C

    Removing lines from old photo

    I have this old family photo (attached) that has white lines all throughout it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could remove the white lines. I was thinking there might be a way to make another layer of the photo and shift it down a pixel or two in order to offset the white...
  13. revnart

    Colouring Black & White photo

    Hi, I've searched but didn't find any info here about this :) I've found an online algorithm that will automatically colour your black and white photos, it's not perfect but its nice fun :) example: btw: it's "Coloring" or "Colouring"? :)
  14. A

    Request Image effect

    Hi, I don't know is it the right place to request help. BTW, I want to give an effect on my photo so that the photo becomes "black & white to color" from top-right to bottom-left corner of the image. Thanks.
  15. T

    Opening Black & White RAW photos in Bridge

    Hi, I shot a photo using the following settings in camera: - picture style: monochrome - format: RAW I import the photos from my memory card to Adobe Bridge. When I open the folder containing the photo, the photo is in color. If I open it in Canon Digital Professional though, it shows up in...