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  1. M

    Paid Make both images PDF

    Hello I need both Images a PDF 1st one with just the logo without any words. 2nd Clear image PDF as well
  2. E

    I have a PDF file - saved from Photoshop - that leaves part of my text white.

    I have a PDF file - saved from Photoshop - that leaves part of my text white. The text looks fine in Photoshop and it saves to JPG without this problem. I only see it in PDF saves ("No layers" and "with layers", As a Copy). Any ideas about what to check? Adobe Photoshop Version: 21.1.3...
  3. A

    Specific Best way to enhance black/white text + line notation?

    I'm looking to create a detailed outline similar to what might be used in textbooks. I have PDFs of the images I'd like but it requires enhancing the black/white to be more clear. I believe this is to be done within InDesign, but I imported the PDF image first into Photoshop to make the...
  4. C

    Issue saving PSD as PDF

    Whenever I save my PSD file as a PDF (see below for links), the bottom 6 bullets on the 1st job title listed do not save on the PDF. Any ideas as to why this would happen and how to fix it? PSD File: PDF File...
  5. V

    Illustrator how to embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator

    how do i embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator
  6. starbird

    How to open a pdf in Photoshop 6

    How do I open a pdf in PS6? I have watched some You Tube videos about import and dragging it onto PS and an export. NOTHING works. I need to open it to remove the ads before I post the pdf on my web site. I am utterly lost with this. since I have several articles to post. I have the author's...
  7. N

    Remove Background

    Good morning everyone. New to the forum. I would just like to get my logo's background removed, because the white background screws it all. Thank you very much. PDF Download:
  8. U

    Batch Automation How to batch underline all text in all pdf files

    How to batch underline and save all text in all pdf files inside a folder. Is it possible with Photoshop ?
  9. L

    Problem creating High-Res Adobe PDF!

    Hello, I am trying to create a full resolution adobe pdf file, and I am using the Press Quality preset, and I also tried using the High Quality preset. The original file is 3465x2625, and 11.6"x8.8". The pdf comes out as 832x630, and 3.5"x2.6". (see Bridge screenshot) This is of course way...
  10. J

    Problem with making PDF

    Hello PS Crew, I started updating my portfolio, and got problem when exporting to PDF. PS doesn't want to export (a normal gray) rectangle. He just doesn't exist on PDF. Everything else is fine. I don't see that there is any problem with my file, it's not too big, and PDF size is 6.655 KB...
  11. A

    Saving issues, looked online for tutorials and help but coming up blank, please help

    Hi All, I am very new to photoshop and also forums to be fair. I'm hoping you guys can help me solve quite an irritating problem. I'm using CS5 Photoshop and i have created an image, its the basis of a project and will be used in nearly every page of the project. Whenever i flatten, merge or...
  12. W

    Jagged Text

    I'm having a problem with jagged text in photoshop preview and in pdf and jpg exports. The problem is amplified further when in the pdf. I have set the anti-alias setting to smooth and my resolution is 300 dpi. I am stuck as to what to do. I tried every font from Arial to custom downloaded...
  13. P

    Using a logo in pdf format in a poster design in Photoshop CS3

    Im designing a poster in photoshop CS3 and the client has given me his logo in a pdf file. The logo seems to be raster and high resolution in the pdf. But its not a separate image. Its sort of like a vector embedded into the pdf document. How do i extract and use this image in my photoshop...
  14. N

    Turn photoshop file into PDF issue

    Hi folks, really basic one here I think but cant for the life of me figure out how to do it. Ive created a file for a catalogue in CS4 and its 1654 wide by 20736 high. When saving as a pdf the pdf opens to the full height every time making the image very thin. How do I get the pdf to open to...
  15. P

    Making a newspaper advert, text clarity advice needed

    Hi, I made a newspaper advt of 8x7cms. I worked on a actual size @ 600dpi file. The result looks extremely clear and the text is very legible, but when it turned out on the newsprint the text dulled down as if swallowed by the solid black bg it was on. The design isn't very busy or...
  16. M

    PhotoShop CS5 error

    When trying to open PDF files in PhotoShop CS5 I get the following error. Generic PDF Parser - There was an error processing the document. The file may be damaged or corrupt
  17. M

    Illustrator Ready for print pdf file

    Hello all I am new in illustrator I have created a business card with a template 88mm*55mm and now I am trying in saving in pdf in order to send to in order to print. But I am having problem with the pdf file as trimmed shows space on top and bottom. I do not know if I was able to...
  18. PoBear90

    Saving PDF in 100%

    Hello My name is Josue, I am a 24 year old freelance artist. Currently I am working for a company that keeps me busy. I have a good reputation for being quick and neat. Allow me to thank anyone and everyone who looks at this threat and takes time to answer, thank you very much! Recently we...
  19. T

    PS cs5: Very large files converted without losing quality/300 dpi for PDF Printer Req

    I have some 200 meg psd files that need to be 30 megs in PDF format with fonts embedded. This is what the printer company requires. My file doc width & height cannot change. I have the complete Adobe Master Suite if another program would achieve the goal easier. Youtube links welcome. Also, I am...
  20. M

    Mega exhibition displays/ billboards. Best Workflow?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have been working on a billboard 414cm x 230cm and i have on 4000x6000pix image from a fullframe canon 5dmkii filling up the whole billboard. What is the best way to save the image for billboard printing + preserve vector lines and text on top of the image? (i have...