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Mega exhibition displays/ billboards. Best Workflow?


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Hi Photoshop Gurus

I have been working on a billboard 414cm x 230cm and i have on 4000x6000pix image from a fullframe canon 5dmkii filling up the whole billboard.

What is the best way to save the image for billboard printing + preserve vector lines and text on top of the image?

(i have worked with the plugin perfect resize to scale up but don't like the results)

Now i make a psd. 1to10 (all smartobjects) and then save it as 3000dpi instead of 300dpi so the file is 10 times as big when printed and therefore full size. This way make the pdf's much smaller instead of making 1to1 resolution then i have to save as tiff since the file is over 2gb (can't save as pdf when to big) and the result is actually not as good as the pdf when i review the exports.. + 1to1 is very slow to work with since the files turn into 8gb psb and can be saving/loading for 30-60min sometimes.

<b>Would like to hear your opinion on this billboard printing? What is the best method to get your design from screen to 414cm x 230cm billboard without any bad surprises in the printing.

The printing company wants the file in TIFF, psd, pdf,ai. My impression if pdf work with everyone so prefer to go with that, of no benefit with other formats.