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    Need help with back lighting

    Hi everyone. So i need help with my work. I design ads that are being mounted on billboards like this: Now this billboards have LED lights inside of them, and i wanted to ask if there is a way i can photoshop the ad to see what would it look like at night with lights shining from inside of...
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    Mega exhibition displays/ billboards. Best Workflow?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have been working on a billboard 414cm x 230cm and i have on 4000x6000pix image from a fullframe canon 5dmkii filling up the whole billboard. What is the best way to save the image for billboard printing + preserve vector lines and text on top of the image? (i have...
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    Billboard design issue

    I design advertising for printed media, but now need to design for a billboard at 10.15 metres x 5.5 metres. How would I size my canvas? 25% by 300dpi? Using CS2, been suggested to use Corel, but not comfortable with the program as yet. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks