1. M

    Help Me Print Without ColorSync

    I'm trying to print a photoshop file on my Epson xp-970. This warning pops up: In photoshop printer manages color is selected because that is what I want. In the printer dialogue box there are no options for color management or anything related to color. In the drop down menu I have Media...
  2. S

    Photoshop CS6 Printing with OS Sierra

    Does anyone know whether this printing issue (crashing) has been resolved? Thanks.
  3. S

    PSCS6 Printing w/OS Sierra

    Printing is fine with El Capitan. Does anyone know whether the CS6 printing issue (crashes) with OS Sierra has been fixed? Thanks.
  4. hershy314

    Printing photos

    I've been racking my brain as how to fix this problem. I'll take a photo and go to print it and it never turns out right. I'll always have an odd shaped boarder around the image, if I'm printing on 5x7 or 4x6 inch paper. If I print on a normal size paper it seems to work just fine. I want to...
  5. J

    Red lines

    I'm printing id badges and when I use photoshop to change the picture I have to resize the photos! When I print the badges the photos printing out with lines thru the face of the photo! Have anyone experienced this? And how can I make the badges print clear?
  6. S

    New here and NOT a GURU!

    I'm sorta hoping that I don't need to be a guru to join this forum! I live in the UK and have a hobby printing t-shirts. I'm slowly getting into Photoshop but at my age finding it quite daunting :) Regards John
  7. chrisdesign

    3D Steampunk 3D Printing Machine

    I really had some fun creating this new Blender image. Size: 6000x4000 pixel. Many hours of work, but this time little frustration in producing the pipes, as I wanted them. For the first time I had the good feeling that the effort to learn the program gradually pays off a bit. I'm going to...
  8. T

    photoshop cc colour settings au

    Could someone tell me the best Colour setting to suit printing here in Australia?
  9. MrToM

    Illustrator Minimum line thickness...

    Quick and simple... Does anybody know if there is a 'rule of thumb' or 'recommended' minimum line thickness for T-Shirt printing? Also, is there any specific pantone colour for 'white' or is it just known as white? (For non-white shirts) Any info on file specs for T-shirt printing would be...
  10. C

    Looking for a new logo design

    Hi all, I made a simple logo a little while back, but it is time to move on up. I am really looking for something new that represents what we do a bit better. Business Background: We do 3D printing primary and would like this to be seen in the logo...
  11. C

    3D Texturing a 3D model within Photoshop CC

    Hi all, I have been doing some more CAD work lately through Fusion 360. Either way, I have been working with a 3rd party 3D printing company lately and I am interested in their 3D color printing. I was hoping id be able to get my CAD work into Photoshop CC and be able to add textures to my...
  12. C

    Printing raster text, sharpness

    Will grayscale or color printing of raster anti-aliased text at dpi equal to monitor's ppi produce text of sharpness similar to that of the same text displayed on a monitor? If not, why not?
  13. P


    i seem to have an issue with asda photo printing, when i get them back they are always far darker than my originals, i use two LED monitors and the picture is fine on both, to achieve it in print i have to move the brightness levels up to what looks like its almost blown out. Any ideas?
  14. C


    Hi everyone Best suggestion for printing... Is it better to save your photos that have been edited as 8x10? Will the 8x10 be fine to print in a 5x7 0r 4x6 without affecting any of the edits around the edges? Thank you
  15. G

    Hello all!

    I'm a retired hobbyist who bought the first Photoshop book by David Biedny and Bruce Fraser when it was released. Been in printing and the graphic arts since I was 18. Still learning new things everyday. I'm an advanced hobbyist now. Gary
  16. rambomhtri

    Questions about replacing colors and stuff

    Hi, I was trying to create an album art using an already existing album art that is almost identical. This is the high quality album art: And the album art I want to create is this one: That orange right there is this one: # f96000 What I do is use the "Replace color..." tool in the Image...
  17. D

    removing weave pattern from tiedye tshirt

    hello everybody, first time posting. i was wondering if someone could help me remove the thread/weave pattern of a cotton tshirt so we can use the image in large scale printing project? it is important to preserve color and detail as much as possible. here is a typical image we are working w.
  18. K

    print size problems

    Hi, I am in the process of doing canvas prints to frames, I have a print size problem. Whenever I put the size I want to print it never prints the right size, I am new to printing and Photoshop so any help would be great Thanks Kevin
  19. M

    Mega exhibition displays/ billboards. Best Workflow?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have been working on a billboard 414cm x 230cm and i have on 4000x6000pix image from a fullframe canon 5dmkii filling up the whole billboard. What is the best way to save the image for billboard printing + preserve vector lines and text on top of the image? (i have...
  20. hershy314

    Why is it doing this?

    I tried printing a photo of my nephews for my mom but it's not coming out right. I know there is plenty of ink cause I just put new ink in the printer a couple months ago and I don't do much printing. As you can see from the photo there is something just not right. When I put the ink in, it...