1. Z1000

    Crop affects dpi in Photoshop CS5?

    I'm prepairing big file for printing, A1 format, 7016*9933px at 300dpi. I wasn't completely satisfied with result, so I needed to crop edges a bit, but that affected dpi resolution which changed to 2.5dpi and it allows me to raise it only to 76dpi but I need 300 for printing. Then I've upscaled...
  2. U

    Photo Enhancement/restoration $50

    Hi I'm trying to restore this DVD case template that I have. I don't have the raw image of the file. I've done the work on the others, but this one is being stubborn. The problem I'm running into is that the only copy I have of it is a 111KB file, and when printing the quality is pretty low...
  3. R

    Photo Enhancement/ Sky Replacement / $30.00

    Greetings Gurus, I am looking to recruit a guru for some help in fixing up a picture from my vacation -- It was taken in Peru on an overcast day, and is both too cloudy and too grey for my liking. The hope is to manipulate it so that it is formatted the same as other "jumping" pictures I...
  4. I

    T-Shirt Printing

    Any of you done any t-shirt printing before? I am thinking of doing some hobby printing and see if I can make a small income with it. I would be going for heat press transfers with a epson printer using pigment ink or sublimation ink to start with. Feel free to share your tips if you have any...
  5. N

    Hello All

    Hi, I'm a screen printer learning graphic design for printing. I'm here to learn and hopefully contribute. Thanks Nikki
  6. E


    Hi I don't consider myself a digital artist by any means. am an illustrator! I have been commissioned to design a jewell CD cover. What are the standard dimensions for the designs themselves so they don't get cut in printing etc. Can someone give me a good template for this and some much...
  7. S

    The problem with size of the duplicated objects

    Hi everyone.I have prepared a sheet.When ı duplicate a picture to the sheet adjusting the picture's size 40cm width,the picture appears very very small(small than 40cm).I am adding pictures which explains my problem thank you very much...
  8. S

    Printing DPI What PPI?

    I am getting a large poster printed. The place I am getting it printed says the printer is 150dpi. What PPI should I use for my image? I have tried to upload a image that is 150PPI and it gave me an error saying invalid file type. 72PPI and 144PPI worked though. Is there someway of working out...
  9. K

    Best way to enlarge for print???

    I have two images. One is 300ppi and approx. 20x30cm, the other is 72ppi and around 15x20cm. I want to enlarge both these images to fit in old frames I found at my grandma's. The 300ppi image needs to be scaled up from 20cm wide to 70cm wide (keeping proportions). The 72ppi image needs to go...
  10. A

    Whats the difference between RGB and sRGB?

    Hi can anyone tell me What the difference is between RGB and sRGB? Also if anyone has any website links that explain the whole colours/printing side of things in detail that would be handy as need to touch up on this knowledge Thanks
  11. F

    need help with printing graphic full size in trial CS5

    I'm using the trial version of photoshop CS5 and am having trouble printing. My graphic size is 9.4" x 6.3". However, when I print, it comes out as a tiny thumbnail, about 1.25". How do I get it to print the full size?
  12. M

    Need help with .JPG settings for photolab printing

    Hi, I have designed a birthday invitation and have exported it to .jpg format for photo lab printing. It is sized at 4x6. The problem is when it is printed I am loosing 1/4 off the 6" and 1/8 off the 4" resulting in text being cropped off. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with aspect...
  13. S

    Printing on vinyl cling material

    Hi, I'm trying to print on some special vinyl cling material. I tried saving my .psd graphics / text image to a jpg file so that I could more easily import it into MS Publisher. When I printed it on the setting for 'Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper' which is what the manufacturer...
  14. J

    Printing a document created in Photoshop 5

    I created an envelope with a return address and logo in photoshop. It looks fine in print preview but when it prints the envelope has a pink tint. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks, JTC
  15. R

    do i need to flatten my design before printing?

    good day gurus, i'm just a beginner, i need help from the masters... i'm doing a layout in ps and there are some images, do i have to flatten it before printing and what is the best extension file name to have a quality print??? (psd.tiff.jpeg) sounds idiot but i don't really have an...
  16. malyo

    PSD printing and font size problem

    Hello I've decided to improve my CV through Photoshop obviously. But the very first problem i've encountered is that i'm not quite sure that the font size in Photoshop (let's say Times New Roman 12 pt) doesn't really equal the 12 pt font in MS Word. How should i overcome this problem...
  17. R

    Quite simple question about printing.

    Hi there, i'm in Hong Kong volunteering in child disabilities. I'm working on a project which entails taking photographs of classroom items that need to be printed on a black background for cue cards. Mainly toys etc. I'm no photographer, and relatively new to PS. However, i took the photos...
  18. M

    printing web images

    So, I understand that images should be about 300 ppi's for printing purposes. I just learned that they should also be in CMYK color mode which is where I need some clarification. I'm printing images off the web which are usually in RGB mode and I understand that converting them to CMYK will...
  19. P

    Only printing the corner. of the pic.

    I know this is going to end up being something simple, but I just can't figure it out. I opened a .pdf with an image in the middle that I need to print (house plot map). I then cropped that image from the center so I could get it a bit bigger. The first print was almost perfect, but it lost a...
  20. R

    Problem printing leaflet, please help

    Hi all, please find attached leaflet I sent this to a printer to get them printed into A5 flyers and they have come back with the following errors Your artwork does NOT meet print requirements: - low resolution; for hi-quality prints we require 300dpi resolution, - improper size / missing...