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Partial Text Bending


New Member
Hey all,

Not sure if this has been answered but I can't seem to find anything on it anywhere. I'm looking to bend the lower or upper half of my text around a circle...exactly as shown in the attached image. Warp bends the whole thing. Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.



My version of Photoshop is about 10 years old, so things may look a bit different these days. But this can be done two ways:
  • With the Text layer and Text tool active, click on the Warp Text icon and choose Arc Lower. Set the bend percentage to a negative number. You can also experiment with the verticle distortion.


  • If you rasterize your text layer, you can do the same thing using Edit>Transform>Warp. In the boxes where the red arrows are pointing, choose Arc Lower and then set the Bend percentage to a negative number.

Ahhh got it, it works correctly when I rasterize the text first. Thank you!
Hi @Sherb
Here is another way to approach the problem

Start with a Layer of regular text with the Font, Size, and Layer Style (stroke color on outside)

Then turn that into a Smart Object. With the Layer turned into a Smart Object you can use the Free Transform tool and not have to rasterize the text (which also means you could access the original text by double clicking on the Smart Object and make changes if desired

Turn on the Free Transform and click the icon to switch over the Warp Modes (see image below)
You an then stretch down on the Lower two points on each side and create the desired bend.

Hope this helps
John Wheeler