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  1. P

    Making a newspaper advert, text clarity advice needed

    Hi, I made a newspaper advt of 8x7cms. I worked on a actual size @ 600dpi file. The result looks extremely clear and the text is very legible, but when it turned out on the newsprint the text dulled down as if swallowed by the solid black bg it was on. The design isn't very busy or...
  2. S

    How to use Photoshop to replace the background of text or an object within an image

    I'm not sure what this process is called so I couldn't even look up any tutorials. I want to replace the text in an image with a different background/texture. This is an example. I want to replace the white portion of the photo with a different photo or texture.
  3. MrToM

    Text layer being deleted by PS!

    PS CC 2014 Win7 x64 SP1 This is yet another of those moments where you it just me?... The Scenario: A regular text layer, font changed, layer duplicated, duplicate text layer moved. The problem: Once the duplicate text layer is moved the original text layer is deleted. To...
  4. vc0587

    How do I make the text in the image?

    How do I make the text in the image? Please attach the style..
  5. K

    Can you please help me?

    I just wonder... how did they do the lyrics' text styling... i mean can you explain how?
  6. T

    Working on a company logo

    **Mods plz delete** No help offered - delete thread plz.
  7. G

    Mothers days gift: fading text in Silhouette on the outer edges only. please help

    I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Thank you for reading and helping. I've never used photoshop until a few days ago and I'm a little lost and need some advice. I am trying to making a Mother's day gift for my wife. We have 1 son that rules our lives now and I couldn't imagine...
  8. J

    How to create

    Hey, I've been doing graphics related work for several years now, but only now did it land me a job. Mostly my task is about giving the client a visualization, basically a preview of how his desired logo will look when embossed (or debossed) on the metal surface. My boss tells me that I'm...
  9. J

    Help Creating a 'Pressed Text' Look

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a custom 12" record label. I've got a template, and am using a background which I found online. I simply need to make my added text look like it came from the original label. Here is an image of what I am trying to recreate: Any suggestions/ tutorials/ ideas for...
  10. M

    Text jumping or in motion

    Hello Everyone, I have a text that I would like to have the effect of jumping in the air, can anyone say what is the best way produce? I was thinking of maybe a little bit of perspective with the bottom being smaller than the top but I don't know how to give it that visual of motion or as if it...
  11. I

    Band Lyric Edits

    So for the first picture as well as the second, how do you all blend the textures onto the words well because I mask it on or clip the texture onto the text and it always turns out bad which is what I did in the third picture, I darken the texture and duplicate the texture and clip that on the...
  12. Zain Khan

    How to get this text effect (3D)

    I am trying to recreate this type of text effects, which is ofcourse 3d, can somebody help me recreate the exact same type of text effect?
  13. P

    How do I make heart text images?

    Hi guys, I Know you can write text in customer shapes and through altering text spacing you can get some pretty cool heart's (and other shapes) - but I've seen some that look different and I'm wondering how they are possible? Things like: Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  14. P

    How to recreate some text

    I'm trying to recreate the look of the text in my example here. I've watched like a million videos on to outline text in Photoshop (I have cs5) and I can only get it to outline in black. Also every video I watch on how to do this is different so if there is a step I don't understand, I watch...
  15. T

    Tutorial on distorted text?

    Can you point me to a tutorial on distorting text in PS CC 2014? I've been asked, by a friend, to do a postcard like project that uses photos behind text as done in the image attached of a billboard here in town. The word is "FAIR", not "Orlando" as in the sign. I know how to create the open...
  16. K

    Lower layer bleed through effect

    Basically I have a text layer and a layer below that, I want to bleed the text layer through and show the details of the photo beneath with that similar look that you get when you use overlay on a part of the photo that has those same characteristics... Simply put I need the text to have enough...