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  1. F

    No Text ?

    Hi Guys When in photoshop and I use the text tool I type but no letters appear only a straight line, Is there a setting or something I need to click on? Any help appreciated. Cheers Rob
  2. D

    Enhance old writing on buildings

    197 Is anyone able to enhance the text on these images to make out what it says, it is a faded building sign I can make out the first two lines as that says "Mayfield Station" and the thirdline the middle part of text says "trains to" but can anyone figure out what all the rest says, I am unable...
  3. J

    remove text from these pics

    hope u guys can help me remove the text circled in red let me know if its doable, they are kinda hard.
  4. R

    improve image quality for better reading

    Hi All, I have taken a pic of my text document using my cell phone however due to inadequate lighting condition the image got blurred and not fruitfully readable. Can any one let me know how and what can I do with Photoshop to improve the photo quality for reading purpose. More over since I...
  5. B

    problem with the quality of the text

    Hi, so in this video,if you put it in 1080p,you can see that the quality of the text gets really bad. I create the text with those black and white rectangles behind it in photoshop (1920x1080,transparent background,png format),i export it in after...
  6. T

    Photoshop the Text out of this Picture

    Can Someone Photoshop the Text out of this Picture Please Hi! I need some help with this photo. It would be great if someone could remove all the text from it, leaving just the picture. I tried (and failed miserably), so I was hoping someone actually skilled could help me, haha! So please and...
  7. S

    Need help to Make Logo Like attached file..

    Dear Devs, Please guide me how to start for a Logo contains text and shape like attached Logo and how to transform the text exact similar to any shapes. Thanks in advance...
  8. E

    Help with removing text off of an image

    Help with removing text off of an image can anyone help me remove the text please thank you very much in advance
  9. E

    Sonata arctica artwork

    hi everyone ... would love your assistants love this band , but love the artwork better ... any help on eliminating the text from these images thank you in advance
  10. M

    help to make a text effect

    Hi I hope this is the right forum. I ammaking some different text effect for each months to my own private calender for next year. I am getting to november and would like to mak a frossen ice look on the text, but this tutorial I found us a nother program than the 3d built in in photoshop, so...
  11. R

    Automating making a 2 x 5 array of Business Cards

    I am attempting to make a small run of business cards. When the design is finalised, I’ll shall get them printed commercially, but until then I’m making my own. The image with text is produced ( layered so that each element can be modified ) Then it is manually placed 10 times, on a 2 x...
  12. N

    Make A text effect

    Hi, Can you guys show me how to make this text effect? Thanks guys!
  13. N

    distorted text effect?

    Hi there, New to these forums but not really new to photoshop, however, my abilities are more in photo manipulation than truly creative concepts. I come here searching for help in achieving the distorted text effect in the image I have attached. I am stumped at to how to achieve it. Would...
  14. K

    Colours change

    Hello, can someone please change the background of this photo in black simple and the text with a goldish yellow style maybe something like
  15. E

    How can I disable this thing?

    Hi, when i double click a text this popup comes. how can i turn it off?
  16. E

    help wrapping text around kickball?

    Im designing this logo for my summer kickball league team and I want the text and anchor to wrap around the kickball realistically, but i have no idea how to do it. I already tried the spherize function by wrapping the kickball, but it doesn't quite turn out how i want it. any help appreciated!
  17. M

    Vectorize images please? **NEED ASAP!)

    The files are huge, so I will have to share them via dropbox but I have screenshots. Just vectorize the text and background, not the photo images of the dogs. here are screenshots for examples:
  18. J

    Changing the text of a logo

    Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank to all of you that give up some of your time, work and nerves in order to please us, the ones that are missing some basic Photoshop skills. You da real MVP. Second of all, I would like to apologize for my english. Sorry, it's not my main language...
  19. M

    Batch Automation Automatic continuous number sequence in the text layer in multiple files

    Hello everyone, I have 600 PSD files in which need continuous numbering in defined text layer in the format xxx-xxx from xxx-001 in the first file to xxx-600 in last file. Is there any way to do it automatically? I am using Photoshop CC 2017 I tried create data-driven graphics, but as I am new...
  20. R

    How to "Vector Mask" layer effect such as Outer Glow?

    I want to hide a small part of the outer glow of a text. I tried vector mask but it is not working. Outer glow can pass through the vector mask! I know there are a lot of workarounds such as rasterize the layer before erasing the glow / create layer style / etc. But I don't want that, I want...