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problem with the quality of the text


so in this video,if you put it in 1080p,you can see that the quality of the text gets really bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2aBzMQKlyI

I create the text with those black and white rectangles behind it in photoshop (1920x1080,transparent background,png format),i export it in after effects for the animation then i render it (1920x1080,transparent background,.avi format),i export it in sony vegas,i put it in the timeline,right click on it,properties,i click first on disable resample (that's a must),i go to media and in alpha channel i set it to premultiplied (to remove the black background as after effects always gives u a black background even if u set a transparent one in it) and then i render the full video (1920x1080).

Then when it gets uploaded to YouTube,if i turn the video in 1080p it makes the text look so bad.But if u turn the quality in 720p,the text looks good.The problem is,those type of videos need the 1080p.
I would like you to help me as this thing is really making my hard work look bad.
If it's the font,then please give me the name of another font like this with a higher quality.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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