1. G

    Specific Remove white background please

    Tried to do it myself the easy way but it kept coming out extremely pixely so it would be great if anyone has any better techniques for a better result. Sorry, I know the image resolution is already not great. Thanks
  2. S


    Is there any way someone can help me make the background transparent? It's very hard to because of my friends hair, I tried using the lasso tool, refine edge, pen tool, quick selection and changing the background on a new layer. I have no idea how to fix it from here is there anyway anyone can...
  3. C

    Specific ESPN basketball help replacing logo edit

    Hey, I wanted to know if someone could help me replacing the red McDonalds all American logo with a different one (thunder logo provided below), I want to keep the squares if possible in the background. I wouldn't like the logo to be infant of the player if there's any way to keep it behind the...
  4. katiedanis

    Specific BuzzFeed Unsolved Background

    Hi! I'm doing an ecology project that's a parody of BuzzFeed Unsolved, and I need to edit Ryan and Shane out of the attached image so I can use the background over my green screen. If anyone can help make that happen and make the background look neat and congruous, that'd be awesome. If the...
  5. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  6. J

    Specific Can you please continue the blue pattern background

    On the left side of the photo you see where the blue and wood pattern meet can you please make the blue background continue all the way down. On the right side too
  7. G

    Need help making text stand out

    Hello! I'm making an image to print and hang in my house. My project is only composed of the image plus the texts on top. I need help finding an elegant solution to make the text stand out from the background image. I've tried the usual things like drop shadow, strokes etc.. but nothing really...
  8. H

    Specific Background change!

    Hi gururs, i have a request to make. So i took some pictures and posted on insta. But then i saw that the view is too good so i gotta be in the pics. Dont know much about Photoshop. So can you somehow put me in those pics. Same colour tone etc. 1 pic 3 backgounds. Chose any for the pic. Cheers!
  9. A

    Specific Make image transparent

    I'm really bad at Photoshop, and even if I was any good at it, I have no programs to do it. So can you guys help me with this? It's quite simple, just remove the background. Thanks :) Also, optionally, if you feel like doing a little more, can you try to get the resolution of the image higher? I...
  10. G

    Specific Please make Background Transparent.

    Hey i'd like if the background behind these two videogame characters could become transparent, its for me to add to a video thumbnail. Thanks.
  11. dearynxx_

    Specific Please help edit the background?

    Could someone make the background dark blue just like it is next to the door? I don't want the door to be seen. Please help! Thanks a lot!!!
  12. W

    Specific Background 4 my cat

    Hi I was hoping to find someone who could Photoshop my cat with a cool background. Just lay down I was hoping for something trippy but will settle for anything you might think is cool . It's for my timeline cover on Facebook. Thank you I appreciate anyone's help
  13. J

    Specific Remove Persons

    I really like this background but i don't like that there are people in. So can some one help me?
  14. J

    Specific Photoshop background request

    Good day! I would like to request for this photo to be edited. It's one of my graduation photos. It's already taken in green screen. Hope to have a cool background! And enhance whatever you want. Thanks a lot!
  15. reihmann

    Paid I want to change the background to this photo I want something cool

    I want to change the background to this photo I want something cool mabey something outside wdth some cool carr or ghive me ideia plese if cam make very coll i can pay more and i have other photo to retake :) thanks ;)
  16. V

    Simple background swap

    Went from Northern California to Australia.
  17. G

    Specific [specific] change her background

    i would love to see this girl in a different background a much less professional background, kinda like a bedroom of someone's selfie but she must be alone. Lightning ajustments etc. also if possible can u make her hair slightly darker too? thank you.
  18. 5

    Changing color of a script (scanned) in a png file...

    My daughter wants me to change a jpeg of here logo into a watermark from below png. I need to make the white background transparent. The problem is, the background is not all pure white, so use of background eraser nor magic eraser gets it all. I tried manually erasing using my Bamboo and pen...
  19. K

    Clout Man

    Is there any way you could take the main guy in this picture (the one wearing glasses and looking stylish), and put him onto a white background? Thank you!
  20. X

    Bear by itself

    Can someone remove background surroundings and make it just the bear by itself with a transparent background? Thanks in advance