1. J

    Would like transparent background, please

    I have this drawing, made in Paint on my Windows 10 PC, and would like to upload it to CafePress or the like on a dark colored t-shirt. I can't figure out how to get rid of the background. If possible, I would like the text in white, or if that doesn't work with a transparent background (I'm...
  2. C

    Magic Lasso

    Hi, I want to cut a person out from a photo with a background and put them in a silly situation. Is the Magic Lasso the best tool for this? I can never seem to get it to "cut out" properly and then I'm unable to blend the figure in with the new background. I'm badly losing this Photoshop War! lol
  3. L

    Help me removing the background, please!

    Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great day! Well, the other day I was trying to edit a picture to include that in a page, and I tried to include a Image that combine with the backgrund, but I don't have any experience on photoshoping, and it may be really simple for you, but hard for...
  4. R

    Hi i need help removing this green background from a few of my pictures

    I would really appreciate the help. If you can I'd like to have the pic with a white background so i can display them on ebay. ideally all the green should be removed. I have no idea how to do it cleanly
  5. Sergio Hegner

    Any help with removing the background?

    Hi friends, I'm stubborn and even knowing that this is not a good background to extract I wonder what I"m doing wrong for getting this terrible selection with the new "refine and mask" tool. How do I clean those white/gray blemishes ?? Is this a Photoshop bug?? Yes, if i use the brush tool I...
  6. J

    Brush Question (background partially transparent PSE14)

    Hello I'm trying to create a startburst brush as outlined in a recent copy of Digital Photo magazine. My issue is that despite creating a black image on a white background the brush does not have a completely transparent background. See attached brush image for an example. It's not a starburst...
  7. T

    Can someone please replace the current background of this photo?

    I really need the silly rug texture taken out from behind the hands and replaced with something simple, just a simple white/off-white background if possible, the areas around the arms where the rug overlaps is causing me nightmares. I'd be really grateful, thanks!
  8. J

    Background colour change

    Can anyone, please, give me a simple, straightforward method for changing the background color in a photo using Photoshop CS 6 and Windows 10? Thank you in advance. JoeJ
  9. M

    need help removing background from bird cage

    i've tried by my self with photoshop, but i can't get it fully, I'm just trying to fully remove the whites in it so i can put it on like any background for my wallpaper, any and all help is appreciated
  10. V

    Please help changing logo.

    So hello (again) on the last logo i got no help (sad) but i never give up and tried to create a different logo and i did it but, i don't know what to add in the background i know its png and i need it to be png cuz it's for a video and i don't really like the texture right here- so please...
  11. G

    Please help me merge these two images together!

    Hello friends! Could I get someone to help me merge this scenery picture into the background of the picture of me and my boyfriend to make the tower/backdrop "pop" a little more? I really like the picture of us but the background is so boring. Thank you so much!!!
  12. U

    Remove background transparent PNG

    Hiya guys. Im at work today and have no access to Photoshop. Can someone please remove the white background from the attached image and save as a PNG for me. Please keep the white squares from the checkered flag :-) Thanks Ben
  13. fredfish

    How to remove a slight Blue cast on a cut out

    I used the pen tool to cut out a motorbike from the background (as much as a training process in developing my pen tools skills as anything) and I am fairly pleased with the results. However there are some parts that have understandably picked up some of the colour from the original...
  14. T

    Need help changing background color :(

    Can anyone please help me change this background color to white? My mom would really like to use it as her passport picture. I'm sorry, I know this does not have good resolution but it's all I have. Thank you so much !!
  15. F

    Hello, I'm new here and need help

    My favorite picture has people in the background and I'm not good enough to fix it. Can someone clean up the background? Thanks
  16. D

    Removing "wrinkles" in background from studio portrait shots

    Hi guys, I recently went for a wedding photoshoot in the studio. I managed to get the soft copies from the shoot, and am editing them myself (those that I didn't pay to have made into an album). A sample is: The problem is that I see that the background sheet (black and green) looked creased...
  17. C

    Struggling to select object

    Hi first post this, I have been struggling all morning using various methods of selecting a car in one of my photos I have been using the quick selection tool and read various methods and none of which I can get it right I can get close but there are spots and parts where the car does not get...
  18. L

    Quick edit for a photo for a CV

    Hello dear people, I will be very grateful, if someone could edit my picture for my CV. I don't want much, just to make my face a bit smoother and to edit my hair a little bit, because it sticks out. Also if you could do something with the background, something like a shadow for example, so...
  19. K

    logo help?

    So hi, I am in need of your help for some reason I'm trying to make my own business cards and Im having trouble getting it there. Sooo don't laugh lol, the blue attachment is me trying to do it in paint and it took me like three days. What I would like is like the blue picture and then inverted...
  20. T

    Super newb question about layers

    Please bare with me thru this lame question. I can create a layer by right clicking on the background layer and choosing duplicate or dragging the background to the create new layer icon. I can also create a layer by using cmd-j. Are there any differences at all in either layer? Thanks