1. S

    Applying layer mask to just one layer

    Hi guys, very new here. In this screenshot i'm basically trying to make the hands fade, as they are (done using layer mask and gradient tool), but then having the mask apply only to the hands. The aim is to have something in the background and not having the hands transparent to it, and the...
  2. S

    How to erase background of phone case mockup but keeping camera and volume buttons

    Hi, The basic idea is to just erase the background of phone cover but retaining the camera selection and other buttons (point as arrows), so that i could be able to insert multiple pictures and save them. please guide me from start to end and step by step how to achieve this. I am using PS CS6...
  3. inkpad.t

    Matte Painting

    I made this Matte Painting so i could give it away for free as a stock background for those on Deviant Art... its here in a full size image Its not Brilliant bar far , but its for free,and i'm sure some one will make use of...
  4. A

    Background remove couple love

    Hi im asking for background remove but im not sure wich photo to ask from you to remove background so i will post 3 photos so you pick the best one you think it will fit on my logo thanks #1 i think the best but colors of logo and this are too different Here you have the logo to compare...
  5. M

    Lightroom Problem with background whitening

    Hi. Long story short, I have this problem with making the background white when the object in background is light in color or also close to white. I'm using adjustment brush in lightroom for this purpose. My background when I take photos is usually grey. So making it white is not a problem. But...
  6. A

    2 babys remove background please :)

    Hi im asking for someone to remove the background of this pics so everyone can pick and send what he liked the most to remove background from them i need to put them in this logo so what you think will lay the best from these baby and couple pics thanks I prefer this #1 most this one is better...
  7. T

    Please remove man in background and pen out of my hand

    Hi There, Could someone please remove the man in the background (and also the lion head fountain behind his head) and just make the wall that stucco salmon colored finish. Also, I'd like the green sharpie marker removed from my hand. Many thanks!!!
  8. sabrefoot

    How do I achieve this effect in the background

    We're talking the background here. How to I achieve the effects where one side is a darkened photo and the other a color with the photo appearing inversed? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to accomplish the fete. Can anyone help me here? Thank you!
  9. inkpad.t

    Warrior Queen

    Not Done anything for a while in Photoshop. But did this . painting and images for the background, made model in 3d software then re painted over it in some areas.
  10. Nestorius

    Remove background-resize

    Hey guys, After many sites became monetized, I have difficulties in removing the background of images. Only lunapic seems to be available, but it's far from practical, in my opinion. Anyway, could anyone please remove the background from these two images, leaving only the faces and the collar...
  11. T

    Help with Blending

    I have this logo i am making, im trying to get the background to blend with the top picture of the jeep and it keeps looking pixilated where the background comes though. Is there any tool i can use to help fix this or another approach i should have? Thank you.
  12. A

    Simple Logo

    Hello im asking for simple logo with background and 1 without(transparent) text: $TH.M check my photos how it should look and under or somewhere in the logo with background should type THENJET E MILIONERIT Check these maybe it helps for any idea for font or ... Ps: i will...
  13. C

    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
  14. C

    How was this background effect created?

    It looks like the shoe itself was photographed and then placed in the foreground. The background image was then created e.g. with a gradient, shading, compositing the product in and recoloring the bottom magenta. Then I'd guess it was put through a filter of some sort, but I can't really...
  15. R

    Dragonfly extraction request...

    Hi Gurus - a friend asked me to use my (limited) Photoshop skills to remove the background from this picture of a dragonfly... I think you'll agree this is a pretty difficult (impossible?) task, but I would be grateful if any of you amazing Photoshop gurus can do something to maybe fade/blur...
  16. N

    Low-key background banding??

    I am working on a low key image right now. The idea was to cut her out and put some natural almost black background in. But it doesn't seem to be working at all. I guess it's called banding, but how can I gently brush in with a low opacity or use the gradient tool without this horrible effect...
  17. Y

    Hi everyone

    Can i have two my favorite characters together, please. Any background will do, but preferably some sort of cafe
  18. E

    Photoshop request

    Hello all. Im trying to put this picture on a coffee mug. But I only want Ben Wyatt, the man on the left to be on a plain white background. Nothing else. This should be a quick job for anyone that knows what they're doing. Thank you
  19. Pipsmom

    Guys I need you

    Friends, I'm asking for a edit. I would do it myself but in no shape nor mind right now as I lost my son to a car wreck I'm asking my dear friends to do me a big favour. The family picture- remove the two standing in the background but try to keep the background color the same...
  20. Roberts1010

    Can Anyone clean this picture up?

    Can you take out the power lines and the car in the background? Maybe make it a prettier day? Any help appreciated!