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Background remove couple love


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Hi im asking for background remove but im not sure wich photo to ask from you to remove background so i will post 3 photos so you pick the best one you think it will fit on my logo thanks
#1 i think the best but colors of logo and this are too different

Here you have the logo to compare wich fits the best IMG_7079.JPG
Thank you very much
Hi, the second and the third in my opinion are not compatible and the first one as you said is the better but the light it's too different and it will look weird.


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Maybe try to use the dehaze in the raw filter...

But I don't think it will make it fit...


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Thank you for trying, thanks Argos but can someone send me only cropped version of those 2 In high quality because https://i.imgur.com/SCsxXKb.png look its little blury if you can fix them and send me only them without logo so dont put them in logo just fix the blur let it on original color i will change it myself thank you very much
It's a png, but if the app doesn't accept that format i think it just recreate the background automatically as when you post it into a forum, So you need to make it in photoshop or similar first.



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The image Argos posted is transparent. If your app isn't compatible with transparency or is adding a white background, you should ask the tech support for that app.