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  1. M

    Specific Remove Puzzle Lines in Photo

    Can someone pls remove the puzzle lines of the photograph.
  2. J

    Specific Remove people

    Hi, I think this is a decent picture slightly ruined by the crowd in front. Could you guys please remove the people so it's just a clean picture of the magnificent mosque? Thanks!
  3. J

    Specific Please edit out the extra people

    I took this picture in a mall and want all the people in tbe background removed. Could anyone please edit this image? Thanks a bunch!
  4. S

    Specific Remove reflection

    Anyone able to remove the green license plate randomly floating in the air next to me? 🤞🏽🤞🏽
  5. J

    Specific Removal

    Hello gurus! Please I have a big issue editing this picture. Am New to photoshop and I can't get a way to edit this. What I want is to remove those black rectangles placed to cover the text below it. I don't know if it's a clip art. I will
  6. R

    Retouch Remove the drawing on the sweatshirt

    Hello ! Today was the day of the official picture at my company. I am wearing a sweatshirt but I would like to remove the draw on it, so I can use it on my professional platforms! Thanks for all the help you can provide to me 😊 PS : Still love Harry Potter tho 😁
  7. W

    Specific Remove person from background

    Hi! Could you please remove my friend who is smoking in the background? Thanks a lot!
  8. R

    Remove red ink remnants from a colour photo

    have a colour photo with red ink drawn on it, on a white wedding dress. 98% ink removed using baby wipes & shaving foam, but still some remnants, only visible when zoomed. I was hoping for a colour replacement option to replace the red with white, HELP Please
  9. C

    Specific Removing shadows

    Hey! I need an edit to remove the shadows from the picture. I would like it to look natural in the end :)
  10. W

    Specific Can you please remove the fences. Thank you so much....

    Hi, can you please remove the fences behind me. If you can help me out, it will be really kind of you. Thanking you so much.
  11. D

    Specific Can you remove the caption from this Picture?

    Can you please remove the caption from this photo? It was taken years ago on Snapchat and I cannot edit it unfortunately. It’s one of my favorite pictures of my best friend.
  12. A

    Specific Remove multiple chins please!

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone of you talented people could remove my multiple chins in this photo please (I’m the female in the photo)? (Basically I just want it to look more flattering in the jaw area as its a nice photo but a bad angle!!) Thanks so much 😊
  13. A

    Specific Removing a person

    Can someone please remove the woman in the white shirt right next to the smiling subject? Thank you in advance!
  14. T

    Specific Remove glare from neck

    Can someone remove the glare on the woman's neck? This was caused by taking a picture of the image in plastic and I cannot get that original image to be scanned.
  15. A

    Specific Remove white lines

    Please could you remove the white lines from the image?
  16. C

    Specific Remove Price Tag

    Hello everybody ! Would it be possible to remove the price tag from my photo? thank you in advance Lambert
  17. D

    Specific Remove Tree Branches From Image

    I'm looking for a guru to see if they can remove the tree branches at the top of the image that are also interfering with the farmhouse.
  18. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  19. 0Naught4Nothing0

    Specific Please remove the human ear

    I'm back with another RP reference request! All I'm looking for is someone who can remove the human ear and replace it with hair. Seeing as they've got neko ears, it's kinda weird to have human ears too. Any attempts are greatly appreciated!
  20. R

    Font Book fonts

    How do I get Font Book fonts into PS CC since they did not go in automatically As many know photoshop does not allow our chosen font to remain in place when going from one image to another. Has anyone found a fix for this hijacking? Myriad was removed from my computer but Adobe now has...