1. R

    Remove Ketchup & The Hand

    Hi, Is there a technique or maybe a quick tip how can i remove the hand+ketchup blocking the baby? Thanks.
  2. R

    Can anybody help to remove scaffolding from the picture

    Need to remove the scaffolding on the left hand side and maybe brighten the building a bit.. Thanx in advance :thumbsup:
  3. S

    Underwater background replacement?

    OK so this is NOT a request for a photoshop fix/manip. I am looking for insight as to how I could edit them and what techniques to use... The first image I am attaching is an untouched image from a recent underwater shoot I did. There was basically no way to move the models around so as to...
  4. R

    shadow white around the neclace

    Hello expert Photoshoppers, I need some help/tip on how to clear out the white shadow on the necklace. I added the necklace on the neck...But it seems the whiteness around the jewellery is so annoying. How to remove the whiteness? Thanks.
  5. P


    Can someone remove an emoji off a picture for me?
  6. B

    What could be the best method to remove the similar attached images ?

    What could be the best method to remove the similar attached images ? I tried quick mask method with out success.And when i tried channel method i messed up the clubs :( :banghead:
  7. S

    Request to edit photo

    Hi all, I have the following requests for this picture. The right half of the picture will be cut off, but perhaps some parts can still be useful for editing. - remove the right glass and hand of my friend in front of me - remove the 'teabags' under my eyes - is it possible to replace the...
  8. T

    Remove My Shaving Cut PART 2!

    Well here is another simple easy edit for photo shop veterans. Can someone please remove the cut on my chin? Along with the red mark on my nose. I know my photos are low res, it was taken in a web cam chat room so the quality degrades compared to using webcam software. I also have minor acne...
  9. D

    Please remove image background.

    Would anyone be so kind as to please attempt to remove the gray background texture from this gif image? All I want are clean black lines on a clean white background (although a transparent background would be even nicer). I've tried to do this myself but I've found it really quite difficult...
  10. M

    can someone pls remove the guy behind?

    the one that looks kinda dead
  11. H

    Can anyone remove the leash and shadow from this photo?

    Can anyone remove the leash and shadow from this photo?
  12. A

    Removing Sun Halos

    I don't mean lens flares, I can generally take care of them , but I've been trying to remove the halo effect around the sun in sunset/sunrise photos and its really hard. Check out these 2 pics: I've tried selecting and filling with content aware on normal and dissolve. Heal doesn't work...
  13. C

    Need 3 marriage proposal pix edited

    Note from the moderators: This request first appeared in the free PS work forum, but it received no responses, so, at the request of the OP, I moved it to where it is, the fee-for-service forum. I also made the thread title more descriptive. - - - Tom M (Moderator) Dear members, This is my...
  14. K

    Remove gutter shadow from colour scan?

    I've been playing around with this for ages now and just can't get it looking right. Surely there's a better way! Can anyone offer some advice about how to remove the rather obvious gutter shadow from this scanned image. Thanks so much.