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  1. I

    Cigarette removed

    Hey! Could anyone remove the cigarette from this photo? Using it for a print off and would like it gone if at all possible. Thank you!
  2. D

    Help me remove some reflections!

    Hi there, I have a small photoshop job that I'm not skilled enough to do on my own :neutral::neutral: It may be a slightly strange request but it's an important part of a larger project. I was wondering whether it was possible to remove the glare/reflection/shine from these cans? It is...
  3. M

    Remove red eyes please!

    Hi i got a group picture where there are alot of red eyes showing, can anyone please remove the red glow ?:cheesygrin: thanks in advance
  4. S

    Background removal

    Hi all! I'm wanting to get this image printed on a white t-shirt, and I was wondering if you could please remove all of the background and the grey bits in between the faces and text, and make it suitable for t-shirt printing. Thanks!
  5. P

    Can someone fix this cover art for me ?

    Hey guys, can someone center and align the text "Savage Night Vol. 5" ? Also can you remove the white box on the jacket ? Thanks in advance
  6. C

    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    hello, i am the black shirt guy and the camera's lens was bad when pic was taken. if someone can fix these, that would be really grateful any other tweaks are also welcomed. cheers
  7. M

    Can someone remove the shadows from this phone wallpaper

    Can someone remove the shadows under the letters ? Thanks.
  8. P

    Easy photoshop request please

    Hello, i have this picture of my girlfriend, but the toilet paper and the both towels, the one on the floor and the one on the wall doesnt look good, is it possible to remove them? if it is complicated just remove the toilet papers but if possible do both, please, and thanks a lot! :)
  9. B

    Simple Photoshop Request!

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering if someone could remove the assistive touch on the side of this picture! Thanks!
  10. E

    Remove chain and make image like tattoo sketch.

    Good day . I am not actually photoshop professional and looking for someone to do this for me.. It's possible to make first tattoo picture like one whole picture and make it like tattoo sketch ? If it's not possible , can someone remove chain and make crying face the same like at the first...
  11. U

    Remove last guy from picture

    Hello all. I was wondering can anybody please remove the last person in the selfi? the one who is talking on phone.
  12. O

    Remove eye bags

    Can someone remove the bags under my eyes? Thank you!
  13. S

    Can someone please remove the two tattoos off the man ?

    Hello, I tried to erase the tattoos of the man with the clone stamp tool but it's definitely not my friend... Could someone please help me while keeping the quality of the file ? Unfortunately I can't upload the original image (too heavy/big) but I can send it by email. Thank you so much from...
  14. J

    Remove object

    hello can u please remove the left guy from the photo , including the black leash of his surfboard?
  15. J

    is it possible to remove the sink?

    I want to remove the sink and the black bit of clothing on my wife's leg, is it possible?
  16. T

    Applying hues / tints and so on...

    Hi everyone, I've been using photoshop for many years, but I can't find words to even describe what I need. I'm looking for an action that would create a standard image to something like this: What would I even call it, a tint? A flush? Should I remove all colors first then work with a b&w...
  17. W

    Minor Edit: Remove Beer Can

    Hello again, Would be very appreciative if someone could remove the beer can and right arm of the man on the right. Not necessarily remove the arm but make it look more natural, at his side or something. Thanks for looking! Will
  18. D

    Please remove text for logo

    :wave1: Could someone one please remove the text from this photo. I am trying tot make the green behind the text a space for a logo. Do you know what I mean? Just remove the text please. Thanks :D
  19. R

    Just remove the girl please

    Hello gurus.. I don't have the skills to do a photoshop so i was hoping you could do one for me... Just remove only the GIRL please.. Thank you very much
  20. B

    *Need people removed from photo*

    Hi all, Was hoping somebody could remove the two people standing on the far right of the image? Thanks