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Can someone remove the shadows from this phone wallpaper

Okay, I'll ask. How did you do it? I tried clone, smudge, selections and gradients, all no go. So, how?
'Elementary dear watson' :cheesygrin:

No kidding, this is the simplest thing to do:
Make a wide selection of the areas in need of cleaning


Then use the clone stamp tool in small steps and due to the selection only those areas will be affected.
Then use filter/noise/despeckle to remove the artifacts.

Its a 7,5 min job...
Um..Sorry for noticing this just now, but it looks like the website doesn't retain the original image quality from the pic that I wanted to be edited..So here's the original


by the way Eggy you did an amazing job on that image, thanks. And if anyone decides to edit this image can you please send it in a website that saves the image quality.
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This forum saves the image quality. Click on the image then save.
I agree with IamSam and MrTom, the picture you provided us and my edit are the same quality... :question: