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  1. Baltazaor

    HELP- Smoothing shadows/ textures

    Hi everyone, Ok so I'im editing outside real estate photos, the existing photos need a lot of work. On some photos I have to erase stuff or fill up areas on the walls or ground. My problem is that I can't figure out how to make the transitions "smooth" with regards to the shadows and the...
  2. C

    Specific Removing shadows

    Hey! I need an edit to remove the shadows from the picture. I would like it to look natural in the end :)
  3. C

    Specific Add a jacket to the head.

    Hey, i am still trying to make the picture that looks like the one from eminem and yesterday, you helped me a lot. But to finish it, there needs to be some jacket or something, because his head is just flying there. I dont really care, what jacket, but it should be dark and look natural and...
  4. C

    Specific Shadow on the half face

    So, my friend took this picture and he wanted to make it look like this picture of Eminem. I made the black and white filter, but we dont have the possabilities to make a natural shadow like this, so it has to be edited. Can someone make the shadow on the right half?
  5. dustinwronka

    shadow help

    I am trying to reveal the shadows of my photo in the poster I'm creating on a brick wall. How do I reveal the shadows over the poster to make it look realistic? Any help is greatly appreciated
  6. M

    Specific Remove Photographer's shadows

    Hi! I got a really nice photo on vacation, but unfortunately the photographer's shadow is still in it :/. If anyone could remove the shadows on the pier fence and wooden dock (on the left) that would be great!
  7. V

    How to make pictures look like this?

    I want to make pictures look like this. Does anyone know how I can make pictures look like this?
  8. Clippingworld

    Mirror Effect Reflection Shadow .

  9. M

    Help with font effect

    First time post from Photoshop newbie :hi: I have seen several videos on YouTube showing how to create font effects like drop shadows, pop shadows and so on. I am trying to create a font effect as shown in the picture using the most "simple and efficient" method, but the results are not good...
  10. B

    Edit exposure/shadows

    Hi All, Can someone edit this photo an brighten the faces and detail in the shadows of this family photo? Thank you!
  11. A

    Removing shadows from faces

    Hi! I was wondering if somone could remove the shadows from under the faces to make it more clear? Thanks in advance !
  12. C

    Request for white background photoshop

    Hi photoshop community. Can you please photoshop the picture below on a crisp white background with no graying or shadows. Thank you so much for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated!!
  13. Mindtrickz

    Help with a ''Line stye/effect'' for shadows and highlights

    Hello everyone! I want to achieve an effect in Photoshop and i can't seem to find out what this type of effect or style is called and how to do this. I think this is done in Illustrator, it looks like it anyway but i would like to know if this can be achieved in Photoshop as well. Here is an...
  14. C

    Video Game Screenshot Doctoring

    Hello PSG !! I need help doctoring this image and make it look more real! I have many Questions . But first of all i am interested on how to add depth to the hat badge (if you look closely it looks flat like a piece of paper). My guess is to play with the shadows(?). the same goes with the...
  15. Pipsmom

    Restoring color project

    I worked with this photo today for a few hours and the results weren't to my standards... So after reading and watching tutorials....... tomorrow I will approach it differently but need your input if this will correct one particular area that's driving me bonkers ( the red/brown undelevloped...
  16. R

    Mask Shadows

    There was a time when I could remember how to do this but I've been away from PS for a while and need a refresher. I have baked out ( from 3D software) some ambient occlusion/shadow maps that I want to use as shadows. I want to mask out the ALL of the white and replace it with transparency. I...
  17. M

    Can someone remove the shadows from this phone wallpaper

    Can someone remove the shadows under the letters ? Thanks.
  18. rustyw

    Changing color while keeping texture, shadows & highlights?

    Hi, I want to try out different color paints and I've taken pictures of our rooms and want to apply paint colors while maintaining the texture, shadows and highlights that are on the wall. I can almost guess a couple of ways but thought I'd see what people suggest. Any help would be greatly...
  19. T

    How to make a transparent T-shirt without affecting shadows

    Hi, I need to know how can I make a T-shirt transparent without affecting shadows. My client sent me an image of a T-shirt and wanted me to just transparent the T-shirt leaving the Shadows intact. My client said, he wants the image to send to a software, where he can apply for any color he...
  20. S

    Shadows & Highlights in Camera Raw filter....

    Hello, Quick question! I have been using camera raw to edit the shadows and highlights values of an image. But I need to recreate this outside of camera raw so I can apply it via a colour lookup table to multiple images. The option via Image/Adjustments/Shadows Highlights hasn't given me the...