1. F

    Can you help me to do something similiar ?

    As you can notice, the image has some shadows on the left and the right side. Can someone help me to reproduce that ? And I would like to know what font is used for the the text ( Paranoid 2015 ) and the settings used in PhotoShop (shadows etc). Thanks in advance !
  2. E

    Photoshop request!

    Hello! Help please! I would like to have the picture below photoshopped to a) remove the shadows from the faces of the 2 females furthest right and b) Add some shadows (or contrast?) to the man on the right. This special family photo was taken on a beautiful summer day earlier this year and I'd...
  3. J

    How to get tones like this image

    Hey all i was wondering if someone could help me I cant work out how to get images in this tonal range. I have been trying in Lightroom but i am almost certain that it is done in photoshop. Any help will be greatly appreciated I know shadows have been pulled and blacks drowned maybe pink...
  4. N

    Transparent layer not transparent after copying or flattening.

    Hello, I have a cloud layer that was originally a vector file. I imported it to photoshop and set the blending mode to screen to they the shadows in it became transparent and then I rasterized it. Now the problem I am having is that if I take away the blue background the dark shadows come...
  5. B

    Original shadow on a flooring (or a wall)

    Hi everybody and thanks in advance to those who will follow the thread. I need to change the tiles on a floor and a wall, but then I must keep the original shadows. After changed the floor tiles, I've tried to restore the shadows making a copy of the background, than desaturated and inverted...
  6. Z

    Photoshop Begginer Videotutorial - Shadows and Reflections

    Hello I share this little tutorial for begginers, if you like Photoshop and want some basic tips in shadows and reflects you will find it useful. I hope you like it
  7. J

    Placing people onto solid color background

    My A Cappella group and I just recently took photos for our cover. There are 6 of us. We each took separate photos in front of a white wall with studio lights and everything. It's my job to put all of the 6 pictures together to make it look like we took the picture as a group, but I'm having so...
  8. Coffee_Girl

    Please help! How can i change the texture of fabirc but still keep the creases?

    Hi guys! I am a noobie and I desperately need your help. I am trying to get into retexturing items for my Sims game but I can't seem to find a tutorial that will allow me to change a texture but maintain the original image's shadows and creasing. I attached a photo of what I am looking for...
  9. S

    What technique/tool was used to create these lights and shadows?

    Hello all I'm a new member here so hopefully I'm posting in the right section! :thumbsup: Now... I'm not a newbie with PS but I just can't figure out how these lights and shadows were created on the characters. Btw, these photos were taken in a virtual world and then edited in, I assume, PS. I...
  10. A

    How did they do this? (Shadow question)

    I saw this well-designed ad on Wunderground today - How did they achieve the super long shadow effect with such straight lines? I can't seem to replicate in Photoshop's blending options. Surely it wasn't all manually created though, right?
  11. R

    Wall/Floor Shadow

    I'm inexperienced with Photoshop and was hoping someone could tell me how to create a realistic (or as realistic as possible) shadow between a wall and a floor as a background image for a web page, to give the impression of a room for a more three-dimensional effect. I've tried using two...
  12. M

    Add shadows from a specific light source?

    Recently i have been photoshopping my friends faces onto movie posters for the fun of it My friend requested me to do this poster Now i was wondering how i could get the shadows on the right sides of the faces if i were to paste in the faces of my friends... any suggestions?
  13. S

    dark yellow shadows

    I don't know how to lighten these dark yellow shadows by the faces and in the hair of the brunette girl on the left. I've tried shadows/highlights and other lightening tools, but I can't get them to look real and a lot lighter.
  14. N

    Global Shadows

    Hey Guys, I am currently designing a website for a client, I have got the general layout but i've came across a problem I haven't came across before. When I apply a shadow to a layer it applies them to all the layers.. I am sure they're a simple fix to this but I am currently unaware of how...
  15. B

    Change background but keep shadows - help!

    Dear Everyone I've been experimencing with this for quite some time now, but I can't seem to get a great result... :evil: My "problem" is that I want to learn how to change a background in photoshop, but still keep the shadows. The first attachment shows a model against a blank wall. Note...
  16. A

    photoshop shadows

    Drop shadows really aren't new to me, but all of a sudden, every shadow i create seems to have a "hard edge" even if i just use the paint brush tool and have it set to a 0 hardness it still appears to have an edge. RGB isn't as bad as CMYK, but since i'm a print designer CMYK is what i need. The...