1. G

    Photoshop request - phone wallpaper

    Hey guys, I find this awesome T-shirt with a picture crossovering my favourite shows and I thought, that it would be really cool wallpaper for my phone, however I can't find the original picture anywhere. The only thing I was able to find was the Rick-Gyarados Would any of you be so kind and...
  2. J

    can someone edit double chin?

    can someone please try and get rid of the chin on the phone gir l
  3. J

    need help with removal of a shadow

    delete this thread please Mod Edit: this thread will not be deleted but closed. PM sent to OP
  4. A

    Leaning tower of Pisa help!

    Can you please make it so my foot is touching the leaning tower of Pisa? I will send you the picture by email because I can't attach it (I'm posting from my phone) Thank you so much for any help it would be very much appreciated!
  5. A

    Adding a dog

    Can someone please add the brown dog next to our two dogs? We want to prank our mother about buying another dog. :) I need that dog: Next to our two dogs here: Their size should be about the same. :) I know that second picture is not perfect, but it will be ok for phone message, quality is...
  6. B

    Low resolution photo, client wants enlargement, how can I do this?

    Hi! I did this on my phone from a basic photo editing app, a client wants a 25 x 35 poster made, but if I make it over 5x7, it looks awful, how can I make the image look less pixellated/ fuzzy close up? Please let me know, thanks! I've already tried a bunch of different things, I'm including the...
  7. M

    Anyone know about Snapbridge?

    So where I live out in the wilds I can't get a mobile phone signal. I am assuming this is the reason I can't pair my camera with my phone to start Snapbridge? Somehow I thought it may work through the wi-fi?
  8. B

    Help Photoshopping us into a different area

    Hi! I'm completely new to photoshop and honestly have no idea as to what I'm doing with it. My friend recently lost her phone and all the photos of us were on it. I have this one photo of us saved on my phone but we took it in her house so we wouldn't forget later. Most of our pictures were from...
  9. Taylor Ott

    editing/refining logo

    I have this logo I need to be fixed up. I tried doing it myself in photoshop but my Mac charger broke. :-( I just now have the image I took off my phone of the image in photoshop lol. If there's any dope pros out there that can crop the logo out solo, then refine the outside edges and make it...
  10. M

    Live music photo, please help

    Hi, I was playing a gig earlier today and had a friend take photos for my social media profiles, we managed to get an amazing shot where me and the singer looked great, except the lighting sucks but worst part is I had a phone on my knee because I had to check something before we started. Since...
  11. M

    Can someone remove the shadows from this phone wallpaper

    Can someone remove the shadows under the letters ? Thanks.
  12. agentmoeller

    My new cell phone....

    .... as long as I don't have to fly anywhere.
  13. U

    Remove last guy from picture

    Hello all. I was wondering can anybody please remove the last person in the selfi? the one who is talking on phone.
  14. J

    How can I change a phone number on a photo with an updated phone number

    Without ruining the photo in the background, for example I have a business card with a photo of the beach as the background and my phone number overlaps the beach background I just want to delete the old number and enter in the new number without ruining the background photo. I've downloaded...
  15. S

    Images posted on web (Laptop v phone viewing)

    Hi all Just a quick one. Whenever Im creating dark designs and upload them on social media I get different shadings when viewd on Laptop/Desktop and phone. When I upload a design on Twitter for example there is no issue viewing on Laptop or Desktop. As soon as I check it on a phone the image...
  16. O

    Illustrator Add phone to image - to look realistic

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking at adding a phone (so it looks like the phone is being charged) to the base of the attached lamp (where the arrow is). Would anyone be able to advise on the best way for me to do this. I would preferably like to use a phone...
  17. P

    Easy (I think) Request - Dog Smiling

    Hi everyone! I recently took a picture of my dog posing with a McDonalds' Happy Meal. She looks pretty sad, so I thought it would be funny to add a "human smile" to her face. I've seen a few commercials that gave me the idea, so I posted still frames down below. I tried to add teeth to her...
  18. Steve

    Look what I saw on my street.

    Poorly cropped pic I took on my phone, I could barely see the scene but still pretty cool,
  19. N

    help with my photos

    Good morning everyone, I have not used a forum like this before, so please bear with me :) I'm a dancer (in a Gentleman's Club) and I have to take photos for work...Nothing smutty,or nude,just stuff to load onto a Facebook page. However I'm rubbish at taking the photos, always end up with...
  20. A

    Phone with pen tool (Photoshop)

    Hi I try to draw Phone (like in iOS 8) but fails. Someone can write a guide step over step how to draw phone like in iOS 8 with pen tool? Thanks!