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How can I change a phone number on a photo with an updated phone number


New Member
Without ruining the photo in the background, for example I have a business card with a photo of the beach as the background and my phone number overlaps the beach background I just want to delete the old number and enter in the new number without ruining the background photo. I've downloaded gimp is this a good program to use to do this or is there something easier and better out there that's free... I need instructions please help.

Tom Mann

The best technique to use depends dramatically on the particulars of the image that you want to modify. For example, one would use different techniques depending on whether the background behind the numbers was a solid color, a gradient, a complex texture (eg, rocks), a man-made pattern (eg, a spreadsheet grid, other letters and numbers, a half-tone reproduction of an image), a natural texture (eg, paper), equipment, etc. etc.

Since you said that the business card was only an example, we basically don't have a clue what to recommend, other than speaking in extreme generalities. So, why don't you post the image to be modified, and we can then guide you better. If you feel uncomfortable posting the entire image, just crop out a few of the numbers of interest and a reasonable amount of space around them (to unambiguously show the background), and post just that. At least we will then know what we are dealing with.


Tom M