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Low resolution photo, client wants enlargement, how can I do this?

Brian Natonski

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I did this on my phone from a basic photo editing app, a client wants a 25 x 35 poster made, but if I make it over 5x7, it looks awful, how can I make the image look less pixellated/ fuzzy close up? Please let me know, thanks! I've already tried a bunch of different things, I'm including the original image from my phone, it looks so nice at this resolution at this size, how can I get it to look this nice when I enlarge it? I first changed it to 1200 ppi, then I blew it up, tried sharpening, tried a hundred filters, nothing worked, please let me know if you can help, this is the original file, it was edited at 2x3 inches, Thanks! I even tried re- editing the original photo at a higher resolution, but I could never get the exact same swirl patterns, please let me know if you can help, thanks!


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The fact is if you significantly enlarge a small, low resoloution, image you will get some deterioration - this is due to the fact that Photoshop has to put extra pixels in and has to guess what those pixels should be. Using the method @gedstar mentions will part way compensate for that.

However in my opinion it is not all bad news.

Remember that when you enlarge it and examine it you are looking at the result close up on your screen and you will notice every single problem. If it is printed at the size you mention it isn't designed to be looked at from inches away but rather from feet away. At those distances I think you will find the problems with the enlargement will be minimal.

Next time you are out go and look close up at a billboard poster - the quality is usually rubbish close up - but from the distance they are designed to be viewed from they are fine.

Very interesting image BTW!


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Hi Brian

It is difficult since you have a low resolution JPEG with some significant compression. If there was any way to get the original image download from the phone as RAW or TIFF you would be better off.

I agree with John that the larger images are viewed from a step back so it may look just fine.

In my example below I focused on noise reduction with taking out the JPEG artifact reduction separately in HSB channels and then converting back to RGB. The using the Camera Raw filter to bring up clarity and contrast as well as sharpness.

A few other touches. This ends up taking out some of the lowest level of detail which may be desired yet see as artifacts by others. Just one option to consider

John Wheeler