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  1. M

    Q about cinemagraphs

    I've tried creating a couple of cinemagraphs, it ain't that hard, but I've got a little question, though. I think I do know the answer myself, as I think it may not be possible, but here goes anyway. Let's say I'm filming the ocean. A seagull flies by at waterlevel. I then would like to freeze...
  2. L

    Can someone make this picture more clear?

    can someone make this picture more clear please, thank you!
  3. S

    Please Help!! Urgent!!!

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with my logo. I have the basics of it down, but i would love it if someone gave it a white outline and make it look a bit nicer. Its for my schools new gaming club. I also would like it to have some color corrections. Thank you for your time and sorry for...
  4. X

    Bear by itself

    Can someone remove background surroundings and make it just the bear by itself with a transparent background? Thanks in advance
  5. E

    Glittering Effect

    How can i make glittering effect like this?
  6. I

    Simple adding name to picture photoshop

    i was wondering if anyone could please photoshop my DJ name onto this flyer that got made before i got added to the show. If you could make it right above where it says "prettygirlhatemachine" and if you could move the top text up a little bit just so theres enough room for the text ITSSAULGOOD...
  7. R

    Pen and paper band logo "transcription" into .jpg

    Could you transcribe this pen and paper into jpeg? It doesn't have to look the same (but it would be ok), it would be also very nice to see your interpretation of it if you would want to do it your way. And please make it white text on black background (ofc. not necessary if you want to make it...
  8. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography UP-DOWN

    I wanted to use the raster material. This almost costed me my mental health to make it fit...:shocked: never again... To bed now but I'm gonna have nightmares...
  9. K

    Knife 2.0

    Hello guys need another help here Can anyone help me to change the knife's handle of pic 2 3 4 become exactly same as the first pic's.thank you :) If possible make the blades look sharper Knife 2.0
  10. M

    [Specific] Make the denim stripe for more with the dog, without changing the dog.

    Maybe make it more 3D? Ignore the top black stripe.
  11. S

    Illustrator Having issue with 'make compound shape"

    So im working on a shirt design and i used some grunge vectors to cut out texture in my design. So i added the texture in a mask > flattened transparency > cleaned up the weird box it adds. Now my design has abunch of weird little separations - like the whole object is cut into smaller squares...
  12. E

    How do i make the adidas stan smith logo?

    Trying to find a tutorial on it but i just cant find one anywhere?
  13. L

    can some fix the angle and photoshop persons head

    Someone who can make this picture look straight please .
  14. P

    What effect is used

    I wondered does anyone know what effects are used to make the main photo in the background appear this way?
  15. D

    Arcade art edit

    I'm trying to make an overlay for an arcade cabinet build. Could someone fade these to pictures together with the old zelda map on the left and the new map on the right. It won't seem to let me upload the .psd overlay file, so I dont' even know if this will work.
  16. R

    Photoshop Request to look like portrait

    Hi, I'd just like to get this photo edited to where teeth are slightly whiter, face is smoother, and just any enhancement to make the picture look like a professional portrait. Thanks!
  17. L

    Sharpen image

    Can someone please sharpen this picture of my boy? It gets really blurry if I make it bigger and I would like to print it in high quality. Thank you!
  18. IamSam

    Forum Features Forum upgrade!

    Just letting everyone know that the forum has had an upgrade and you will notice some changes. Please make a post in this thread if you find anything not functioning properly.
  19. M

    Need Logo created

    So, I have attempted to enlist the help of Fiverr several times to get help making my logo for my brand of nail polish, and have spent countless hours with people who just dont understand what I want. I know all you smart photoshop experts might think I'm ridiculous , but I attempted to make my...
  20. M

    Could someone photoshop this photo of me,my dad and Stan Lee

    Please remove my dad so I can have a photo with just me and Stan (the one in the middle) also please make a little closer to him but without messing up the picture quality by making it blurry or super pixelated and also please make the black bars go away