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  1. K

    Vlog title images

    Can someone please help me make these pictures see through as well as more professional and modern? I am looking to have the same font as Rogue fitness equipment has and make them look awesome for my Vlogs for youtube at the beginning and be a great T-shirt. Any suggestions would be great...
  2. L

    How to make a texturized image with distressed look

    I can't really replicate this look, does somebody know how to?
  3. M

    How to make a photo look like this?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how to edit a photo to make it look like this. What effects she used in her photo and how to achieve them?
  4. M

    make something realistic pop up/ out of another

    Hi again you great people. I am making this different month style for a calender I will make to my self. the idea is they can be used every year instead of creating 12 new each year. now im stock with this juli thing. I want this balloon effect wich different styles on each balloon. for J im...
  5. Freakout

    A quick photoshop edit request pls for her birthday

    Hi guys..its been years since I visited this forum and honestly been years as well since I edited a picture on Photoshop. It's my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to accompany my surprise for her with 1 of her pictures I took on our recent trip and make it a bit kinda special with the help...
  6. J

    Hair color request

    Hi! Can someone make my hair brown in this picture? I want to color it, but I would like to see it first :)
  7. C

    Batch Automation Automate photo autocorrection

    Hello, I have heavy directory with many RAW photos. I would like to ask Photoshop automatically correct all photos. When I open RAW image, Photoshop opens it in Camera Raw. There I can do all necessary things to make photos look better. I just set white balance to Auto and just pres another...
  8. S

    any tips on how to make the waves on my logo look less grainy?

    i created this bouy logo in cs6 for my friend's youtube channel. It looked like a bouy, but it needed waves to complete the look. I tried to create waves from scratch, but i couldn't get them to look right. So instead, as a test, i cut the waves from a photo that i had laying around on my...
  9. B

    Make me look like princess diana

    Can you please make my picture look like this classic picture of Princess Diana? (both included for reference). Fix the colors and remove the people?
  10. M

    how to use the 3d in photoshop

    Hi, I am hawing a really hard time making some things in photoshop cs6 3d. Perhaps its just because im notso goog at english and at understanding photoshop. I have this tutorial I would like to make in photoshop. the 3d part are made in illustrator, but as I see it, it could as welle be made...
  11. vladitan

    Help with making transparent photo

    Hello. I`m making logo but i forgot how to make it transparent. I tryed with png but it doesnt work
  12. M

    Please remove guy from photo with my husband pretty please !!

    Would anyone be willing to help me please fix this photo. I have tried but I'm not good at photoshop. This is of my husband who recently died on the job. This photo is the only actual picture of him at work I have. Could you please : remove the guy in the white glasses giving him bunny ears...
  13. C

    Images by Carl Bush

    Hi all, thought I'd post a few original images done in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure. As a Navy helicopter pilot, I often get asked to make helicopter prints for pilots as going away gifts. Here is a sample SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.
  14. R

    Swap the color of this flag

    Would someone help swap the green portion in this flag with a light beige color? That is, to make the flag appear made of a light beige cloth instead of the green cloth, while retaining all the folds and shadows. Then explain how you did it so I can make the rest of the colors I need myself...
  15. T

    Edge Smoothing

    Hi everyone. If anyone can help me smooth out the edges on this shape below, to make it look like a vector, it would be really appreciated! Thank you!
  16. L

    Dancing Otter

    Please make it look like this otter is dancing. Thank you!
  17. Helloitsrachg

    Please put us together in one photo

    Hi, I would really love if someone could please help me out by putting my friend and I together in the flowers. Would you also make us the same size (since one picture is more zoomed in)? Thank you!
  18. G

    Please make her taller.

    I would like a specific girl that appears in all these pictures to look taller but I have specific requests in the following picture i want the black haired girl to look taller but maybe for that the blonde chick has to look smaller. again same for the black leathered pant black haired girl on...
  19. E

    Comic Style Star

    I can make stars like the left one but its corners are symetric, how can i make the star asymetric like the right one?
  20. N

    Can any one help with a gone wrong tattoo. A new design?

    Hello to all. When i was about 17 I let my brother tattoo my arm a bad mistake. 5 years later I went to what i thought was a professional and they messed it up even more. I am now scared to go to someone else in case they make it even worse. This is my last chance to make it right. Can any one...