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  1. W

    Minor Edit: Remove Beer Can

    Hello again, Would be very appreciative if someone could remove the beer can and right arm of the man on the right. Not necessarily remove the arm but make it look more natural, at his side or something. Thanks for looking! Will
  2. C

    change color in CS4 after placed image

    Hello. I have a stock photo of a lizard I have through that I downloaded (so I have permission to use this). I just want to change the color from black to green (simple right?). I have been searching for this for over 3 hours. I actually DID do this 3 hours ago...BY CHANCE...
  3. K

    How to make realistic glowing LED effect

    Hello! This is my first post! I'm pretty new to photoshop but not completely helpless. I'm trying to make a realistic LED display identical to this: Here is what I've got: Pretty bad. I've messed with the glow features but nothing looks realistic at all: Still not there. Does anyone have...
  4. A

    Please Help Make Photo Quality Better/Remove Cut?

    Don't know if anyone can make it look better, I have just tried cropping it certain ways and it gets blurry if you make it too big. Would appreciate it if someone can increase the photo size and remove the cut on my lip. My edit in an attempt to make it bigger/increase photo quality. It...
  5. T

    How to make this??

    Hey guys, So I was just wondering what it would take to make something like this in photoshop/illustrator. Can somebody help me out in the steps it would take to make this. Like is it all electronic, or does it have to be drawn out first? Would love the help, thanks!
  6. J

    How to

    Hello, will you please let know how to make a building bigger, here is the example. Thanks for your help. Always appreciatted. .
  7. I

    Quick PS job - Can you make a sketch from a photo?

    closed request, thanks! Hi there and thanks for looking, I just need the face of the man taken from the photo and put against a white background and then modified to look as though the photo is a sketch. Thank you, Marty
  8. G

    Hello PSG! New in this community

    Hello! I am Grand Samson. I came here to learn new things in a field of graphic designs. I hope I could learn here how to make banners, logos, avatars and more picture related content in this community.
  9. E

    Trap Time

    Hello there, I'm working on a music label called "Trap Time" and one of the only things I still need is a logo. Now, I understand that I shouldn't expect a stunning logo being made for free. But since our budget isn't too high, I tried Fiverr. For 10$ I got the ugliest logo I've ever seen...
  10. S

    how to make transparent a colored pictures. Removing Background.

    Hi Gurus, can anyone help me find a easy way to make transparent of colored pictures, I usually do the manual lasso tool and took me a decade to finish my project. I hope somebody help me. attached is the sample pictures. Thank you and appreciate all your help:wink:
  11. N

    Text Effect!

    How to make this text effect as in word veteran?
  12. T

    How do I make the same effect ( the effect on the guy )

    I wanna make the effect that is on the guy on this image: I want the same effect but with green on this design that I made: Any methods??
  13. N

    How to make these sharp lines art in illustrator of Photoshop?

    How to make these sharp lines art in illustrator of Photoshop?
  14. V

    how to change the size .please explain also

    hi guys i m new to photoshop. ii have to make the three images similar height and width as vibha.jpg
  15. A

    Making circular arcs in Photoshop (was: for the love of God)

    Hello friends please please tell me how to make the curves of this attached picture exactly? please thank you MODERATOR'S NOTE: The terms of service of this forum do not permit us to make or encourage any modifications to currency or any other financial instruments (eg, credit cards). So, we...
  16. T

    How do I make a transparent image with just the guy?

    How do I make a transparent image with just the guy?
  17. T

    I need help with this!

    How would I make something like this
  18. R

    How can i edit the text?

    So i have a picture i added below how can i remove "esports" and make it say whatever i want?