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how to make transparent a colored pictures. Removing Background.


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Hi Gurus,

can anyone help me find a easy way to make transparent of colored pictures, I usually do the manual lasso tool and took me a decade to finish my project. I hope somebody help me. attached is the sample pictures.

Thank you and appreciate all your help;)


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Hello Sophia and welcome to PSG.

The image you posted above is very small and low resolution. Any selection made from this would be very pixelated. Do you have a higher resolution version of this image?
Hi Sam,

Thank you for your reply. unfortunately this is the kind of pictures i have that's why I'm having difficulties to make this transparent by using magic wand, I have to manually use the lasso tool. :cry:
Yeah...........your very limited in what you can use to make your selections on an image this small.

I created a hand made layer mask with the Brush Tool. It's a slower but effective technique.
When I was done I used the defringe function to remove the remaining blue edge.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.57.35 AM.png
Ok, give me a few minutes to explain!