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  1. M

    After Effects 3D text with double bevel

    Hi everyone, I am new to after effects so forgive me. I am trying to create a 3D text exactly as seen in the x factor UK this year. I have got close, raytraced 3D with a bevel, however what i want to produce is a little different. On the attached link example there seems to be a double bevel...
  2. D

    Text removal request

    Hoping someone is willing and able to remove all text and barcode from the attached image and to repost at original resolution. Thanks very much!
  3. O

    Adding a lamp to bedside table

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking at adding the attached lamp to the attached image of the bedside table. Is this something that anyone can help with? Thanks, Oodya
  4. T

    Can someone please resize this AI file to 24 inches by 36 inches

    Hi, I need to print a poster and need the exact dimensions so that it's not pixelated when I print. I need it fit to exactly 24 inches by 36 inches. Attached is the file. The 2nd file attached is what it looks like right now when I go to print it on the Staples website.
  5. T

    Can someone please change the color/theme of this existing logo?

    Hi how are you, I have this logo, attached as "ORIGINAL LOGO", and I need the color scheme and theme changed. Currently it's very bland, blue and uninteresting. I want it to be sleek, luxurious, and gold with a black background. I've attached 3 logos that have the "feel" of what I want. They...
  6. Y

    Font Inquiry (dotted font - unable to find it)

    Hi, I am looking for a dotted font which is attached to this post. The closest one is also attached in the same file (same image) but its still different than what I am looking for. If anyone has this font (the one on the left side of attached file) or know where to get it then please let me...
  7. P

    create faded colour overlay?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to create a colour overlay exactly like the attached image using photoshop How do i do this? Many thanks in advance!
  8. M

    need help replacing words on this photo, for an invitation

    Hello, I would like to change the words located at the top of the attached picture from "MELVINS" to "MAEVENS" I hope the image is good enough, i really appreciate the help : )
  9. A

    Font name and link

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or recognize this font. This is the font I want to use on my design... Please see attached image to view the font. Hope you can help me find this font. Thanks in advanced! Cheers!!!
  10. T

    Can Anyone Recreate This?

    Can Anyone recreate this design using the attached photos in the same order and in front of the attached logo and with the diamond? Make it blue, white, and black instead of blue and yellow thanks!
  11. K


    A small request, could someone please make the background on the attached transparent? Thanks so much!!!
  12. S

    Need help to Make Logo Like attached file..

    Dear Devs, Please guide me how to start for a Logo contains text and shape like attached Logo and how to transform the text exact similar to any shapes. Thanks in advance...
  13. O

    Adding a Few "Effects" to a photo

    Photos are attached. I was asked to edit the lightsaber she is holding to glow more like an actual lightsaber and to add "Elsa snow" to the top hand/photo to capture the Else aspect of the photo. I've attached a lightsaber photo as well an Elsa photo for reference. I edit for portrait...
  14. C

    Help Making Wood Grain More Prominent In Attached Photo

    Hi All, I have researched and tested a lot trying to figure out how to do this, but haven't found anything that works so far. I am trying to make the wood grain lines in the attached photo (the center wood rectangle) pop/look darker, while still maintaining the overall color of the wood. If...
  15. A

    how to seamless floor pattern

    Hi community and gurus, I want to retouch an image making the floor seamless as there is a joint patch on the wooden floor visible in the attaches seamless picture for your reference. I have also attached an original image as well. I need to to know only the technique by which it can be done. A...
  16. O

    Illustrator Resizing a vector file

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking to resize a vector border that I downloaded (please see attached). The one on the left of the attached file has been resized by someone (I'm not too sure how). Every time that I increase the vector (by holding shift and dragging...
  17. P

    Hoe to make faded effects?

    Hi Gurus its my first request in here .Am attaching an image and i would like to know how to achieve that effect. Am also attaching my own effort so far .So please guide me through.Thanks Ok on the above attached image how to make the image blurred or faded at the left hand side of it.Am...
  18. C

    Giving a Shape "thickness"

    Hello, I am what I would call and advanced beginner with photoshop (version 7.0 :) ) What I would like to do is make this image of Louisiana appear to have some thickness to it. Can someone tell me how to do this? The closest I have gotten is by using a shadow in powerpoint 9also attached)...
  19. D

    Please help!!

    Hi I am a complete novice. I bought photoshop because I thought I could design a welcome poster for my son's wedding next week. (after trying to design online & getting rubbish, expensive, results). Probably sounds easy to everyone on here. But I am so struggling! I've been Youtubing for...
  20. M

    Looking to make a T-Shirt With two images merged.

    Greetings, I am looking to have the images merged for a T-shirt I am looking to produce. My ideal image would the person and the leopard sitting on a tree branch in a synchronous environment. If possible I would like the image to also have almost a cartoon effect as well. I have attached the...