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Font name and link


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know or recognize this font. This is the font I want to use on my design...

Please see attached image to view the font.


Hope you can help me find this font. Thanks in advanced! Cheers!!!
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Hi IamSam,

Thank you for replying on my question. I tried looking at it on the free fonts websites like dafont.com but I can't find this font style.
The link I provided was for finding fonts. You just upload your font and it can be identified.
The link I provided was for finding fonts. You just upload your font and it can be identified.

Hi IamSam,

Thank you very much! I never thought that through the uploaded image can identify what font i was used on the design. Already got the font name.

Thanks again and more power!
Hi artskynet,

I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but your attachment isn't loading on my laptop! Any way that you could post a link to it instead? Will try to help if I can
That's strange it's working for me in FF, IE and Edge
Here is the link I get when in Source mode...


...are you saying that you can't see the image...
Indeed...look at the screenshot I posted, its just blank space.

Also note that in my screenshot the OP's post has erroneous formatting, probably accidentally copied without the OP's knowledge from a third source. This may or may not have something to do with it as the image loads fine in your last post...


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