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  1. M

    Specific Jersey M54 Font

    Hey all, I am making jerseys for my bestfriends Jack & Jill and i was hoping someone can help me I need to make the names for the people attending in Jersey M54 font but i need the font to be white with a black outline the names i need are: EMMZ PINTO HEAVY D MISSY DAYDAY GULLY MEL...
  2. B

    Changing the inside/outside of a texts font color

    I have a font I'm using for a logo and would like to change the inside and outside border colors, however when changing the color, the entire font is changed. I would like to make the inside black and the outside shadow red. How could I accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    Printed font effect

    Hi guys! I'm restoring my family genealogical certificate, can you please help me, how can I achieve the effect from the screen, like text is printed? What filters better to use? Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. F

    how do I make text like Megadeth's logo?

    How do make text like or very similar to this?
  5. K

    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #40

    HI! My students have their state testing coming up and I want to be able to have the Space Jam logo say "Review Jam". I have tried SO many times and just can't get the colors right! This is an example of the logo!
  6. Z

    How to create this Font effect

    I wanted to add this exactly same font to my gif in photoshop but Im just a newbie. I need to know how to do this effect so I can write what I want. This is the pic and the font effect I want.
  7. R

    What font is this called. Struggling to find. Or similar

  8. G

    Please Help Identify This Font

    This is a logo that I created for a friend who started his own business. I had all of my original files in a folder on my C: Drive and when I reformatted my drive to upgrade my computer I thought it was saved on my storage drive. So I no longer have the actual PSD files. I was only able to...
  9. P


    Hey im in need of a little help finding these fonts on these NY housing signs.I tried cropping and using the find font tools on a few websites but the matches are nothing alike.Thanks in advance.
  10. I

    Simple adding name to picture photoshop

    i was wondering if anyone could please photoshop my DJ name onto this flyer that got made before i got added to the show. If you could make it right above where it says "prettygirlhatemachine" and if you could move the top text up a little bit just so theres enough room for the text ITSSAULGOOD...
  11. A

    Circular Text in Logo

    Hi guys like tittle says i need on this logo for instagram profile picture to add circular text in this logo with some nice font which you think will be perfect text: THENJETEARTA and if please someone will do this for me please save psd maybe i change anytime instagram username so i can change...
  12. Y

    Font Inquiry (dotted font - unable to find it)

    Hi, I am looking for a dotted font which is attached to this post. The closest one is also attached in the same file (same image) but its still different than what I am looking for. If anyone has this font (the one on the left side of attached file) or know where to get it then please let me...
  13. agentmoeller

    Photoshop randomly changing fonts!

    Hey all. Anyone ever seen, or heard of, anything like this? I am typing a letter to someone for a school assignment. I downloaded an old-fashioned handwriting font to use. Each time I switched to a different window, then back to Ps, it would start typing in Myriad Pro. On the attached screen...
  14. M

    Help with font effect

    First time post from Photoshop newbie :hi: I have seen several videos on YouTube showing how to create font effects like drop shadows, pop shadows and so on. I am trying to create a font effect as shown in the picture using the most "simple and efficient" method, but the results are not good...
  15. E

    Using Fonts

    I am pretty certain most of my trends start with "I have a question!" :lol: It is then closely followed by "I was thinking about ____ the other day and wondered..." Haha okay, in all seriousness, I came across a font tutorial today on YouTube and this guy purchased a $40 font and commented...
  16. starbird

    PS not allowing me to select the font I want

    I have a PSD image open and need to add text. Regardless of what font I select, it uses a different font and always that one. I need a particular font and I WANT TO SELECT it not have the program control my choices. I have never had this happen before. CS6 What's wrong? How do I override this...
  17. M

    Tin Man Boxing McGregor / Mayweather

    Looking for some creative vintage photoshops of this Tinman boxing against McGregor/ Mayweather. Possibly making the guy in the white shirt in middle Mayweather, and Jack Johnson on the right to McGregor. With vintage font text on the bottom saying TIN MAN COMPETITION and smaller font below it...
  18. vladitan

    Need this font

    Hello. I desperately need this font or similar. Thank you in advance.
  19. A

    Font name and link

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or recognize this font. This is the font I want to use on my design... Please see attached image to view the font. Hope you can help me find this font. Thanks in advanced! Cheers!!!
  20. A

    Making new words with existing logos

    Hey everyone, hops this is the right board to post this in, i made an account just so i could ask this. Anyway, I've seen pictures several times where people take a logo, say the Coca Coal logo for example, and they'll make it say something else, like "pepsi", but its in the coke font. I...